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openPicus designs and manufactures hardware products and tools for the Web of Things.

A full set of open source tools:
Products (Flyport modules and Nest expansions) and a free IDE.
openPicus hardware and software shrink your development from 4-6 months to 1-4 weeks!
- FLYPORT modules: programmable system-on-module with Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS, 3G)
- NEST expansion boards: ready-to-use and goal-specific boards compatible with each Flyport module
- IDE: Integrated environment to develop your applications in C running on Flyport

Professional services: we speed up your development offering hardware and firmware customization's.

Hardware: is our core business, we have in-house manufacturing facilities. We can produce for you.

Lead time: prototypes in 2-3 weeks, mass production in 4-6 weeks.
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5 days ago
Discover our new terrific headquarters in Rome!
@tomazsajn great! Would you like to present your project in our wiki?
RT @tomazsajn: I published the source code for my home automation modules: with @openPicus #Flyport
RT @IanSkerrett: Just voted to approve MQTT as an Oasis standard. Congrats to everyone that worked on producing the 3.1.1 specification.
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
RT @fabiolalli: The 'Internet of Things' will soon be the world's most massive device market
2 weeks ago
Hey @MicrochipTech look how our #Iot modules based on PIC24 are helping on people's health: #IoT #hack
2 weeks ago
#IoT makes you healthy: it monitors your PC activity and reminds you to stratch #hack
2 weeks ago
@PomodoroTech @cirillof @EtaBetaRadio1 @Radio1Rai e noi ci abbiamo fatto subito un sistema IoT per usarlo al meglio!
2 weeks ago
@DPHansen so you must have our IoT monitoring hack installed under your monitor! :-)
2 weeks ago
Stretching monitoring #IoT #hack to be more productive with @PomodoroTech and @XivelyIOT
2 weeks ago
RT @MicrochipTech: IoT refigerator alarm based on @openPicus FlyportPRO Wi-Fi® module helps control midnight munchies @hackaday…


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