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At, we believe there is no such thing as the Internet of Things.

We rather believe in an Internet of Everything where Humans, Nature, Machines, Objects, Environments, Information, Physical and Virtual spaces all mix up, talk, intertwine, interact, enrich and empower each other in all sorts of ways. This is what we are building and we think that we are not alone.

This is why we have created an open platform for all those who want to imagine, prototype and test new Devices, Installations, Scenarios, Applications for this globally interconnected and immersive world. Designers, developers, tinkerers, students, hobbyists, R&D departments, artists, self quantifiers, dataviz maniacs, whatever your skills are, we tried to make easy to use and yet powerful for you. Needless to say is free.
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3 days ago
rafi Haladjian, CEO of, explains that we all are [probably] wrong about the #IOT. [French] #data #bigbrother
4 days ago
The Mother hub ( now sounds like running water when you need to take a drink #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT
5 days ago
RT @GeooffreyA: Scénarios alternatifs pour l'internet des objets - Rafi Haladjian, at USI via @YouTube @sen_se
6 days ago
Check drinking habits and history on your dashboard + weekly email reports. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
Make sure your elder loved ones drink enough water during hot summer days. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
Hear the sound of water coming out of your smartphone? It’s time to drink. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
RT @DigitalTrends: The Mother hub now sounds like running water when you need to take a drink
Receive reminders if you don’t drink enough throughout the day. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
Define your daily water drinking objectives, stick a Cookie on a bottle and go. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT
2 weeks ago
Smartify any regular glass or bottle to monitor your daily water intake. New «Drink» App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
2 weeks ago
Attach a Cookie to a bottle and measure how much water you drink everyday. New "Drink" App by #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT #QS
2 weeks ago
Here is why your grandma is a better drinker than you are! #YetAnotherThingCookiesCanDo #IoT
3 weeks ago
RT @chris_wigley: Just watched the @sen_se video on @Vimeo - amazing #sensors Will the kids practice piano more? Wi…
4 weeks ago
RT @Allodocteurs: Olivier @levard vous présente la "maman connectée" pour savoir si vous buvez assez pendant la #Canicule2015. #santef5 htt…
DATA might not be the new oil...Rafi Haladjian will explain why at USI on July 2nd. Stay tuned...
rafi Haladjian says “DATA is the new Gold”. Find out more on July 2nd @USIEvents @rafigaro
@USIEvents invites guru of IOT @rafigaro "We'll be able to control everything via apps on our smartphones”
SAVE THE DATE ! On July 2, rafi Haladjian will talk about the alternative scenario for the #IOT @USIEvents @rafigaro
By partnering with @EridanisFR, is now able to address not only Consumers but also BtoBtoC and BtoB markets. #IoT


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