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At, we believe there is no such thing as the Internet of Things.

We rather believe in an Internet of Everything where Humans, Nature, Machines, Objects, Environments, Information, Physical and Virtual spaces all mix up, talk, intertwine, interact, enrich and empower each other in all sorts of ways. This is what we are building and we think that we are not alone.

This is why we have created an open platform for all those who want to imagine, prototype and test new Devices, Installations, Scenarios, Applications for this globally interconnected and immersive world. Designers, developers, tinkerers, students, hobbyists, R&D departments, artists, self quantifiers, dataviz maniacs, whatever your skills are, we tried to make easy to use and yet powerful for you. Needless to say is free.
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Thank you @CNET: "Set up your own programmable smart home for Peanuts". @reillystyley
2 weeks ago
Merci @INPIFrance pour cette superbe vidéo. Interview de @rafigaro. #innovation
2 weeks ago
RT @IFTTT: Hi mom! You can check out all the @Sen_se Mother Recipes here:
2 weeks ago
Do you know that more than 99 IFTTT recipes are possible with Mother? @IFTTT Now, you do ;)
3 weeks ago
SensePeanut, the new family of smart devices: powerful and affordable. Stay tuned! #peanut #IoT
RT @IOT_city: .@rafigaro, fondateur de @sen_se, nous parle de son expérience d'#entrepreneur. #quigouverneinternet
RT @ObjetsConnectes: La compatibilité @sen_se[email protected] multiplie les utilisations possibles de #Mother. Bravo @rafigaro ! #CouteauSuisse htt…
@Tintin59110342 Merci par avance de répondre à notre message privé afin de vous identifier.
RT @Hotfirenet: la #Mother de @sen_se se connecte à IFTTT • #HFNactu #SmartHome
RT @danvy: Unleash the power of your Mother. @sen_se Mother now supports @IFTTT 100s new scenarios #iot https://t.c…
Be alerted if you get too far from your keys or luggage!
Protect your valuables! Safe Peanut buzzes if it moves.
2 months ago
Thermo Peanut allows you to view your data in graph form. #temperature #IoT
2 months ago
Based on your movements, Sleep Peanut recognizes your sleep stages from light to deep ones:
2 months ago
@Tintin59110342 Hi, to let me check and ask, please provide your email address in private message. Thank you :)
2 months ago
Slip Sleep Peanut into your bed to be woken at the perfect time! #sleep #peanut #smartalarm
2 months ago
Peanuts let you add superpowers to your life! Reserve now at the incredible price of $29 on
2 months ago
2 months ago
Med Peanut buzzes or sends you a notification when you forget your medicine. #smart
2 months ago
Med Peanut alerts you if you miss a dose. It adapts to any pill container!


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