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Symplio Lifestyle Technologies focuses on designing products and experiences merging the real-world and the Internet.

Our motto: We want to connect atoms to the Internet!

Why Symplio?
- Because making life SIMPLer is our driving force
- Because we want to design simple and transparent “IO” (inputs and outputs) when interacting with smart objects
- Because it is easy to remember and the domain name was not taken
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3 months ago
RT @konekta20: En @boulevardeitb tecnologías y el Mundial de Basket con @inakivazquez d @symplio y @itermar d @widdiapps…
3 months ago
SmartScarf product by @Symplio: Wearable for Sport Club Fans
3 months ago
Basketball Fans Ranking - Anima a tu selección - Bufanda inteligente de @symplio:
4 months ago
RT @Gtzl: Cómo medir la animación de los aficionados durante #FIBAWorldCup2014 gracias a @symplio
7 months ago
RT @Gtzl: Muy, muy interesante el programa de #aquitecno sobre #TelekoGaua y los ejemplos de @symplio y @Domoalert c…
9 months ago
RT @Antonio_Jara: @symplio Deadline extended! esIoT - Int. Workshop on Extending Seamlessly to the Internet of Things - IEEE ComSoc IoT htt…
RT @GSJBilbao: Ya tenemos el programa de la #susjam Bilbao. Inscripciones abiertas hasta el jueves, 21. #cocreación …
2 years ago
RT @calonsonet: .@symplio mencionado en el gráfico de @TechCrunch como plataforma de Internet Of Things vía @carlosp
2 years ago
@gy4nt @iotwatch @tumaku_ @telesound good news are that we are still in the age of exploration in #iot, which means discovery + risk
2 years ago
@gy4nt @iotwatch @tumaku_ @telesound agree with that one. Market, channel,price,value, references... many variables for new concepts
2 years ago
RT @_anapastor_: RT @raquelejerique: Nos reparten el comunicado de Ana mato sobre su inocencia a las puertas de #Génova Es este http://t ...
2 years ago
@GNLteam @kickstarter Lovely lamp!! good luck!
2 years ago
@bitrebels thanks! moreover, you will have a personal and decorative object at home
2 years ago
Have you seen our pre-printed versions? Decorate your home with your own designed #Cyrcle with your favorite topics
2 years ago
2 years ago
@mikekuniavsky and you can also have one with your own design, a pre-printed version.
2 years ago
@justkickstarted find out more in our website
2 years ago
2 years ago
@SocialNetworkLA You can discover more about Cyrcle on @kickstarter
2 years ago
@carmelo @kickstarter Thank you for your support!


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