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"Thingsquare's end-to-end software platform connects devices and makes sure that the devices stay connected – from prototype to deployment

Founded in July 2012 by a team of Internet of Things pioneers and founders of the Contiki project, Thingsquare boasts over 25 years of combined expertise in the area of Internet of Things technology.

Thingsquare's customers are product companies that want world-class software to attain exceptional results with their smartphone-connected products.

Our customers to date have been in the areas smart lighting, home appliances, connected cities, home electronics, energy services, and hardware manufacturing."
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RT @4Li6NaN: And also running @thingsqr, lots of stuff happening at the office lately
Developer documentation posted - check it out! #IoT
RT @MusicHackFest: Unveiled today: The Thingsquare REST API! #IoT #API
Unveiled today: The Thingsquare REST API! #IoT #API
RT @iotattack: Thingsquare connected product developer documentation: Central concepts #IoT via thingsqr
Developer documentation posted
Thingsquare connected product developer documentation: Central concepts #IoT
Hot from the blog! The first articles in our developer documentation series posted! #IoT
Mobile changes everything: smartphones are taking over the world - connecting everything is the next step #IoT @a16z
RT @elagerway: "Thingsquare out of private beta"
Let your customers control your light from their smartphones - how to build that first app
Check out our new connected lighting demo app (Android only for now): #IoT
2 months ago
RT @dpjanes: "Thingsquare is putting the IoT at your fingertips" - Thingsquare, an IoT startup that has emerged as one...…
2 months ago
Yep, you can test our lighting app without access to hardware: see the end of this post #IoT
2 months ago
"To make our app look good, we use the Framework7 library that gets us nice iOS styling." @idangerous
2 months ago
The app is the first thing your users will see and it frames the way your users will use your product. #IoT
2 months ago
Building the first app for your connected product, with the Thingsquare platform:
2 months ago
Today we're introducing a new connected lighting frontend in the Thingsquare platform! #IoT
2 months ago
RT @Aeffiliates: Thingsquare launches platform to design your first connected device
2 months ago
RT @iTersNews: Thingsquare is putting the IoT at your fingertips


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