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"Thingsquare's end-to-end software platform connects devices and makes sure that the devices stay connected – from prototype to deployment

Founded in July 2012 by a team of Internet of Things pioneers and founders of the Contiki project, Thingsquare boasts over 25 years of combined expertise in the area of Internet of Things technology.

Thingsquare's customers are product companies that want world-class software to attain exceptional results with their smartphone-connected products.

Our customers to date have been in the areas smart lighting, home appliances, connected cities, home electronics, energy services, and hardware manufacturing."
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"Wireless communication can be flaky, as anyone who has ever used WiFi or a 3G phone knows." Enter The Mesh! #IoT
"The Thingsquare system automatically forms a mesh, but most users won’t even know it is there. It just works." #IoT
"Radio communication drains batteries. And not just transmissions: idle listening consumes even more."
"Communication with the server stack is protected by strong encryption. The system uses 2048-bit TLS encryption."
"If a path goes bad, more retransmissions are needed, and the device will switch to a better path."
The wireless mesh uses the Internet Protocol (version 6). To form the mesh, the devices use a protocol called RPL.
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"The mesh identifies problems and automatically re-routes the network: it is self-healing." #IoT
"The mesh is lets the wireless devices reach the user’s app, even if the closest Internet connection is far away"
"The mesh automatically finds its way around problematic areas, by sending messages on paths that are not affected."
In this post we take an in-depth look at the Thingsquare mesh technology.
"The wireless mesh connects Thingsquare devices to smartphones and the backend server stack" #IoT


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