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"Thingsquare's end-to-end software platform connects devices and makes sure that the devices stay connected – from prototype to deployment

Founded in July 2012 by a team of Internet of Things pioneers and founders of the Contiki project, Thingsquare boasts over 25 years of combined expertise in the area of Internet of Things technology.

Thingsquare's customers are product companies that want world-class software to attain exceptional results with their smartphone-connected products.

Our customers to date have been in the areas smart lighting, home appliances, connected cities, home electronics, energy services, and hardware manufacturing."
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2 days ago
In case you missed it: how Thingsquare connects products with apps #IoT
2 days ago
In case you missed it: public beta launching soon!
4 days ago
RT @SudeviGame: RT @thingsqr: Wired interviews @thingsqr CEO, creator of Contiki - the "OS That Rules the Internet of Things" http://t,c
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How the Thingsquare system sets up an encrypted channel for remotely controlling things
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How does the Thingsquare system connect devices with its app? Here's how!
5 days ago
RT @iothingsbot: Are you a product developer working on your next connected product? The Thingsquare system is for you…
5 days ago
Are you a product developer working on your next connected product? The Thingsquare system is for you #IoT
5 days ago
New from the blog today! What the Thingsquare system does: #IoT
"... and everyone who are about to build the next ground-breaking connected product" - maybe that's you? #IoT
"We wanted to make it possible to get the product in front of users before even touching any hardware." #IoT
"For connected products, security is absolutely essential." #IoT
We are super excited about getting our public beta into the hands of everyone: #IoT
"Getting your product idea in front of customers as quickly as possible is key to winning" #IoT #startups
"Your customers are your ground truth. If your customers love your product, you have a business" #IoT #startups
"Connected products tend to be really hard to build so getting [pre-launch] feedback is terribly difficult" #IoT
"Working with customers is a great way to really understand the needs" #IoT #startups
When building connected products, there are many, many different choices. Be wise about them #IoT
RT @vincentzimmer: The Thingsquare Blog: Thingsquare Public Beta to Launch Soon! via @thingsqr
"Get your product in front of your users" - not that easy for connected products #IoT


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