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We specialize in making it simple and cost-effective to Internet-enable devices and products for manufacturers, professionals and casual users. By providing all of the components necessary to Web-enable things, ioBridge's customers avoid the complexity and cost associated with piecing together solutions from multiple vendors. ioBridge was founded to help make the Internet of Things a reality by making it easy and cost-effective to connect things together. We see a future of useful interactions with things and finding the meaningful data that exists all around us.

Our ideas lead us to create a complete end-to-end platform that is secure, private, and scalable for everything from DIY home projects to commercial products and professional applications worldwide. We are growing very quickly and get a kick out of the diversity of applications that are being created with our technology and services.
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2 weeks ago
Introducing TimeControl - Set Schedules for ioBridge Widgets #iot #thingspeak
2 weeks ago
RT @thingspeak: [Tutorial] Sending Tweets Automatically Every Morning With TimeControl #IoT
2 weeks ago
RT @sumitwiter: @thingspeak I used your API to collect my spectrum data for an SDR app and got special jury award :)
3 weeks ago
RT @noelportugal: Check out my new Ible': #ESP8266 - Cheap WiFi for your #IoT #arduino @thingspeak
4 weeks ago
RT @thingspeak: ThingSpeak Introduces New Internet of Things App - TimeControl - #iot #featurefriday
@ShawnGraham Thanks for all of the favorites and retweets! #iot in Pittsburgh!
RT @AndrewBythell: Update @ThingSpeak channels in @Java using the #log4j appender, now part of the thingspeak-java client.…
@cheerlights Let's go green!
RT @iotpgh: Tonight's IoT Meetup is @TechShopPGH starting at 7pm with @scharler as your host and @RFIDMan as your special guest #iot #iotpgh
RT @thingspeak: We just added Geolocation Search to ThingSpeak! Prefect for services like @thingful - #iot #featuref
2 months ago
Some #iot technology for #tbt - - First Plug-and-play module for the Internet of Things #iobridge
2 months ago
RT @iotpgh: Internet of Things Meetup - September 10th at 7pm @TechShopPGH - 6 spots left! - #IoT
2 months ago
We remember building that! RT @thingspeak: Internet of Things #throwbackthursday #tbt #iot
2 months ago
@Alexander_r81 Yes, take a look at the status page:
2 months ago
2 months ago
@Alexander_r81 Yes, there are issues with users connecting via Comcast. - What ISP are you on?
3 months ago
RT @IntelPRFrance: Testing Thingspeak on Intel Galileo ! @thingspeak
3 months ago
RT @zuehlke_group: IoT-Plattformen selbst gemacht oder von der Stange? @thingspeak #ZCamp14
3 months ago
3 months ago
RT @Stelutesoft: @iobridge @cheerlights @BuildingIoT @TheIoT Cheerlights Windows client available, FREE to get at H…


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