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RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical.

CoreRFID keeps in touch with the latest advances, focusing on practical, reliable, affordable technologies. CoreRFID aims to track the best in RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk.

New products appear all the time; some prove their reliability and suitability for use, some are less successful. RFID standards are constantly evolving too, helping to reduce costs and improve the ways in which the systems of one company can be made to work with those of another.

CoreRFID is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.
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@PinPointUK @Starbucks Can't start the day without a cappuccino, especially on a Friday!
2 hours ago
CheckedOK allows inspection certificates to be available via an online portal, showing #safety check history of equip
2 days ago
We loved this story on bbcnews yesterday: #RFID chip designed to track #pallets has been adapted to monitor bees
2 days ago
RT @LEEA_INT: Great #LEEA Roadshow in Aberdeen today
3 days ago
Great day at #LEEA Rdshow in Aberdeen & there's still time to see our lifting, safety & maintenance inspection system
One week until #LEEA Roadshow in Aberdeen. We look forward to seeing @LEEA_INT and all of the other exhibitors and delegates.
RT @LEEA_INT: #LEEA Lifting the Load—Out on the Road Roadshow will deliver expo, seminars & networking to Belfast, Dublin & Cardiff over ne…
2 weeks ago
@irwinvideo Many thanks for all your hard work on this video - we are delighted with the end result and the brilliant feedback we've had
2 weeks ago
See how #RFID helps ICL track containers (#IBCs) across numerous locations #Assetmanagement #chemicals
2 weeks ago
We proudly work with @ChargemasterPlc to provide printed #RFID tags to enable logon to charging stations #technology
2 weeks ago
Our Chairman shares his experiences of over 20 years in #mobile application development #mobileworking #technology
3 weeks ago
@LEEA_INT We'll be there! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at these 2 events.
3 weeks ago
RT @LEEA_INT: #LEEA Belfast & Dublin Roadshows 16 & 18 June
3 weeks ago
CoreRFID IBC Tracking using RFID: via @YouTube
3 weeks ago
CheckedOK helps you conform to #LOLER, #PUWER & #LEEA's COPSULE, helping reduce the risk of #accidents #safety
3 weeks ago
#RFID is an ideal tool to help control #IT assets across many locations
4 weeks ago
Our CheckedOK system uses a range of ways to identify #assets #RFID #tags
RT @LEEA_INT: At #LEEA's #LiftEx over 100 companies will showcase the latest innovations, products & services in the #lifting industry.
RT Did you know this year's #LEEA #LiftEx show takes place in Liverpool & hosts a conference on the second day?
RT @LEEA_INT: #LEEA Belfast & Dublin Roadshows 16 & 18 June. Don't miss out - book today!


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