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RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical.

CoreRFID keeps in touch with the latest advances, focusing on practical, reliable, affordable technologies. CoreRFID aims to track the best in RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk.

New products appear all the time; some prove their reliability and suitability for use, some are less successful. RFID standards are constantly evolving too, helping to reduce costs and improve the ways in which the systems of one company can be made to work with those of another.

CoreRFID is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.
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2 days ago
Development in the world of #RFID readers seems to continually deliver new devices. See the latest in our online shop
2 days ago
Find out about the new range of tags for #harsh environments & for #IT asset management on our product news page:
3 days ago
RT @RFIDJournal: Hear how leading #manufacturing firms are using #RFID to achieve benefits today. New virtual event Nov. 6:…
#RFID can reduce risk of workers being exposed to industrial injuries resulting from vibration in hand held tools
RT Further to @H_S_E advice, are you worried about risks from exposure to vibration?
RT @H_S_E: Worried about risks from exposure to vibration? Advice here
This @DHMarineLtd video shows #RFID used in #oil containment mats for tracking #safety #hydrocarbon #environment
RT @OilandGasIQ: Five Reasons Why #Oil & #Gas Needs RFID Technology
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2 weeks ago
How can #IBCs, #containers, #pallets & #drums be tracked to ensure no risk is posed to staff or #environment? #RFID
2 weeks ago
CheckedOK #safety solutions ensure follow-up action is taken on faulty or out-of-date equipment. See our case studies
2 weeks ago
RT @CiscoMFG: VIDEO: Watch how #RFID improves information flows within #manufacturing. #IoT #mfg via @CoreRFID
2 weeks ago
CheckedOK saves costs, improves reliability of safety equipment inspections & helps conformance to #LOLER & #PUWER
2 weeks ago
#Lifting, #Maintenance & #Safety Inspection Systems help to deliver improved safety for passengers, staff & public
2 weeks ago
#techtuesdaytip Choosing the right auto-id technology can be difficult. For guidance, visit: #rfid #tags
3 weeks ago
#RFID tagging makes the process of #auditing #IT devices quick and easy #technology #assets
3 weeks ago
RT @CYBRACorp: The RFIDigest is out! Stories via @CoreRFID @RFIDMan @Orsys_MGT
3 weeks ago
Using #RFID for #tool tracking can have a rapid payback in helping to improve #maintenance processes #identification
3 weeks ago
RT @StreetCrane: We've just invested £3m in a state-of-the-art hoist facility to increase production by 25% #buybritishday #ukmfg http://t.…


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