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RFID is a field where new developments appear constantly. Each innovation can make some new application possible and practical.

CoreRFID keeps in touch with the latest advances, focusing on practical, reliable, affordable technologies. CoreRFID aims to track the best in RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk.

New products appear all the time; some prove their reliability and suitability for use, some are less successful. RFID standards are constantly evolving too, helping to reduce costs and improve the ways in which the systems of one company can be made to work with those of another.

CoreRFID is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.
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2 days ago
Our CheckedOK system uses a range of ways to identify #assets #RFID #tags
3 days ago
RT @LEEA_INT: At #LEEA's #LiftEx over 100 companies will showcase the latest innovations, products & services in the #lifting industry.
RT Did you know this year's #LEEA #LiftEx show takes place in Liverpool & hosts a conference on the second day?
RT @LEEA_INT: #LEEA Belfast & Dublin Roadshows 16 & 18 June. Don't miss out - book today!
@LEEA_INT We'll be there - our stand is booked already!
RT @LEEA_INT: #LEEA Roadshow in Aberdeen on 24 March now fully booked. See the website for more roadshows taking place this year http://t.c…
@LEEA_INT Great news - we are looking forward to seeing you there.
2 weeks ago
Our Safety & Survival Systems improve passenger, public & employee #safety and save costs in #inspection processes
2 weeks ago
Our solutions help companies ensure that safety inspections meet requirements of regulations like #LOLER and #PUWER
2 weeks ago
CheckedOK helps reduce the risk of accidents, equipment failure, litigation and regulatory sanctions but does it in a way that saves costs.
2 weeks ago
#RFID can manage supply of materials, maintain #safety & save costs in #tool hire or maintenance #construction
3 weeks ago
New to our shop: Durable Locking Cable Tie #Tag from @Holland1916 Ideal for #lifting slings
3 weeks ago
New #UHF Shelf Antenna available at Ideal for monitoring tagged items placed on shelves
3 weeks ago
Visit to see the latest waterproof, durable UHF #RFID human tags. Ideal for #sports.
3 weeks ago
CheckedOK speeds up inspections & makes it easier to act on results #LEEA #RFID #safety
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
RT @Farsens: Understanding how to use commercial UHF RFID readers to optimize battery-free sensor tag performance #R
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
RT @Xerafy: Here are three leading RFID tag selection mistakes, and how you can avoid them.
4 weeks ago
RT @ConfidexRFID: Confidex Silverline Slim RFID labels enable easy & remote identification of stolen bicycles: http:…


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