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Smart devices are a portal between the physical world and the online world, and they’ve changed the way we live in both. What if everything around us could join us in the online world via some portal? While the necessary technology exists today, there is no economically viable means for physical Things to exist online.

reelyActive solves this problem with an accessible, plug-and-play infrastructure that connects Things to the cloud via the spaces in which we live. Anything can therefore connect to the Internet via an inexpensive device that lasts for years on a single battery charge.

Our technology uses an innovative approach to map devices in space, and supports current and emerging radio standards. We generate revenue through cloud service subscriptions and from device sales. Our team have 20 years experience building real-time location systems from the ground up. Our goal is to establish reelyActive as the de facto standard for connecting Things, with all the associated information passing through our cloud.
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4 days ago
RT @CQCD_Express: Découvrez le #magasinage #numérique au point de vente par @reelyActive @Netpak360 2OCT #retail htt…
5 days ago
@pafournier great to hear @davidrose emphasize No-UI, opt-in and #privacy discussing the #IoT with #JohnStewart on @TheDailyShow. Merci !
6 days ago
Really like this @SanJoseSharks USB key! So much potential for #wearables & smart tech in the #NHL. cc @SportRFID
4 weeks ago
Reely enjoyed #IoTSoup at @D3Centre, thanks to all who came out for our (occasionally silly) presentation on #IoT!
4 weeks ago
RT @D3Centre: We're moving form a world of smart devices in dumb spaces to a world of dumb devices in smart spaces #IoTSoup @reelyActive
4 weeks ago
We're at @D3Centre presenting #IoTSoup with @thesupapp. Everything from #IoT history to #SmartSpaces. And demos!
4 weeks ago
Wow, 237 downloads of our #barnowl @npmjs package yesterday! Previous daily record was 58. #IoT #middleware
4 weeks ago
@KhaosT that is indeed hilarious! Can't wait to tell the artist that her name double-translates to "I do - Horse day russo leather supplier"
4 weeks ago
@KhaosT it was likely a computer translation which is surely hilarious! Is there an equivalent of @engrishdotcom? What does it really say?
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
What if a room could understand the context of what's happening within? #SmartSpaces #IoT #UX #InvisibleTechnology
Join us and @thesupapp at @D3Centre as we present how the #IoT is invisibly becoming a part of our daily lives.
@prxms deploys #BLE shopping cart tracking solution in Spain, providing #analytics: via @RFIDJournal cc #Place2014
@Joatunit very cool to see #SmartSpaces on your #hopex #TopTen! We're certain our paths will cross soon again!
@notman we have two @localsocial #beacons which will be installed by the end of the week for our community to build on their platform.
@localsocial fantastic meeting you at #Place2014, can't wait to integrate technologies starting with a @notman showcase! #proximityrules
@Thinknear says at #Place2014 that two-thirds of geolocated impressions are too inaccurate to be effective for #mobile #advertising.
@Shelfbucks argues at #Place2014 that #beacons bring the @amazon customer experience to physical stores. Indeed, that would be a win! #BLE
InMarket, the largest #beacon network, explain at #Place2014 that beacons drive engagement *IF* deployed correctly.


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