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Smart devices are a portal between the physical world and the online world, and they’ve changed the way we live in both. What if everything around us could join us in the online world via some portal? While the necessary technology exists today, there is no economically viable means for physical Things to exist online.

reelyActive solves this problem with an accessible, plug-and-play infrastructure that connects Things to the cloud via the spaces in which we live. Anything can therefore connect to the Internet via an inexpensive device that lasts for years on a single battery charge.

Our technology uses an innovative approach to map devices in space, and supports current and emerging radio standards. We generate revenue through cloud service subscriptions and from device sales. Our team have 20 years experience building real-time location systems from the ground up. Our goal is to establish reelyActive as the de facto standard for connecting Things, with all the associated information passing through our cloud.
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9 minutes ago
@AmyxMcKinsey like @AnnCavoukian argues at #smartweek2014 that government legislation is required for efficient, successful #IoT advancement
3 hours ago
4 hours ago
Best #smartweek2014 quote to date: "God created the world in 7 days because He didn't have to deal with legacy systems" - Dr. Kaivan Kirimi.
4 hours ago
Kaivan Kirimi of @Atmel argues strongly for #local #IoT data processing, #cloud communication for #exceptions only. We agree! #smartweek2014
5 hours ago
V Kumar Murty of @UofT proposes #ERINDALE as #SHA #authentication for even the simplest #IoT devices. #smartweek2014
5 hours ago
@Amir_Ansari_ of @prodea_systems argues at #smartweek2014 that your private data should be securely stored within your #ConnectedHome. #IoT
6 hours ago
Are these survey stats sufficient to argue that the #ConnectedHome is unlikely to lead #IoT adoption? #smartweek2014
6 hours ago
Curious if @AnnCavoukian would affirm that our #IoT #SmartSpaces respect the 7 principles of #PrivacyByDesign
6 hours ago
@AnnCavoukian at #smartweek2014 argues for "Privacy by Design", and we couldn't agree more. #IoT
6 hours ago
@smartweek2014, @MaRSDD is now on #SmartSpaces: Discover what devices are at #smartweek2014 & who (via opt-in)! #IoT
9 hours ago
"@smartweek2014 looks to Innovate the #IoT in #Canada" via @techvibes. Nice little mention of our #SmartSpaces.
19 hours ago
Over 250 downloads this week of #smartspaces our open-source @npmjs package for @nodejs: #IoT
Great to visit the @oneeleven_111 #coworking space and looking forward to putting #SmartSpaces on their screens!
Great to see how @DeloitteCanada use our #SmartSpaces technology at their innovative #Greenhouse facility in Toronto!
2 days ago
@CCJCCofficial looking forward to presenting a keynote at your Startup Conference: The speaker lineup is outstanding!
2 days ago
Pushing #json-silo updates to @npmjs on @VIA_Rail 47. You can now check in as #GrumpyCat in less than a minute...
2 days ago
"Imagine a technology that makes it possible to trust anyone." @TheBlockstream published today: We support #openness!
2 days ago
The journey of a #startup often includes unexpected stops. For instance the High Commission of Brunei in Ottawa.
3 days ago
Outstanding presentation by @SuthaKamal at @TiEConCanada on his lessons from the Valley & what #Canadian #entrepreneurs can learn. @theC100
3 days ago
Apparently our roundtable at @TiEConCanada goes beyond #IoT to the #InternetOfEverything. Come join us!


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