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Smart devices are a portal between the physical world and the online world, and they’ve changed the way we live in both. What if everything around us could join us in the online world via some portal? While the necessary technology exists today, there is no economically viable means for physical Things to exist online.

reelyActive solves this problem with an accessible, plug-and-play infrastructure that connects Things to the cloud via the spaces in which we live. Anything can therefore connect to the Internet via an inexpensive device that lasts for years on a single battery charge.

Our technology uses an innovative approach to map devices in space, and supports current and emerging radio standards. We generate revenue through cloud service subscriptions and from device sales. Our team have 20 years experience building real-time location systems from the ground up. Our goal is to establish reelyActive as the de facto standard for connecting Things, with all the associated information passing through our cloud.
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3 hours ago
@CCJCCofficial looking forward to presenting a keynote at your Startup Conference: The speaker lineup is outstanding!
4 hours ago
Pushing #json-silo updates to @npmjs on @VIA_Rail 47. You can now check in as #GrumpyCat in less than a minute...
5 hours ago
"Imagine a technology that makes it possible to trust anyone." @TheBlockstream published today: We support #openness!
9 hours ago
The journey of a #startup often includes unexpected stops. For instance the High Commission of Brunei in Ottawa.
Outstanding presentation by @SuthaKamal at @TiEConCanada on his lessons from the Valley & what #Canadian #entrepreneurs can learn. @theC100
Apparently our roundtable at @TiEConCanada goes beyond #IoT to the #InternetOfEverything. Come join us!
We're presenting on an #IoT panel at @TiEConCanada in an hour with @steveliang, come join us!
@VitalHubCorp we like how you handle personal data #privacy & share your vision. Let's talk at @TiEConCanada or in Toronto later this week.
Is the #IoT a joke? As @ashoktrex presents at @TiEConCanada, #context means #innovation only makes sense at punchline
2 days ago
Arunachalam Muruganantham at @TiEConCanada "I don't have stupid marketing manager, I solve a problem". Succinct, brilliant #entrepreneurship
2 days ago
We're at @TiEConCanada with our @founderfuel friends @RedTreeRobotics "Thinking and Growing Globally to Succeed" in #IoT and #robotics.
2 days ago
@TheSpaceCanada in #Ottawa is now a #SmartSpace. Check out who's there & what they're sharing:
2 days ago
Congrats to @mikeschmidt and our @ListnApp friends from our @founderfuel cohort on their acquisition by @beatport!
5 days ago
@Azure we have to say that #AzureWebsites using @nodejs and @github are an absolute pleasure to develop with! cc @marc_gagne @ramisayar
6 days ago
@meetprizm check out Will you be developing an #open platform like we did with #barnowl? #IoT
6 days ago
@RFIDJournal launches @iotjrnl, with focus on "how to create or increase business value" in the #IoT:
@justineGChaplea @tart2000 c'était un plaisir vous renconter et on a hâte de contribuer notre technologie au @MuseomixMTL au @mbamtl!
We'll present how the #IoT enables #accessibility at @smartweek2014 in Toronto next week at the @UofT Bahen Centre:
We'll present on an #IoT panel at @TiEConCanada in #Ottawa next week alongside @steveliang @WhitVC and @MotoCode
Doesn't have to be @rezendi's "The Internet of Someone Else's Things" #SmartSpaces leave you in control of your data!


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