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Smart devices are a portal between the physical world and the online world, and they’ve changed the way we live in both. What if everything around us could join us in the online world via some portal? While the necessary technology exists today, there is no economically viable means for physical Things to exist online.

reelyActive solves this problem with an accessible, plug-and-play infrastructure that connects Things to the cloud via the spaces in which we live. Anything can therefore connect to the Internet via an inexpensive device that lasts for years on a single battery charge.

Our technology uses an innovative approach to map devices in space, and supports current and emerging radio standards. We generate revenue through cloud service subscriptions and from device sales. Our team have 20 years experience building real-time location systems from the ground up. Our goal is to establish reelyActive as the de facto standard for connecting Things, with all the associated information passing through our cloud.
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19 hours ago
Our #NDA for #VCs #halloween costume from @founderfuel is a top images search result for "startup halloween costume"!
RT @Montrealinc: .@reelyActive Love the surprise! The trophee is a smart object now! #InternetOfThings
@Montrealinc if Jeff looks grumpy in the photo it's because you're keeping him away from #StartupDrinks. Just kidding! #soh2014 @notman #IoT
Congrats to @fpuebla the first to opt-in to and winner of a #ShamelessSelfPromotion T #soh2014
RT @notman: There's magic in the air in the @reelyActive office! #soh2014
@Montrealinc we'll wait for you, we have a surprise to show you on #soh2014 #SmartSpaces
2 days ago
It's officially #soh2014 so come visit our @notman office and we'll show you how to get on #ShamelessSelfPromotion
2 days ago
Caption this terrible #soh2014 costume & win stuff! ex: "#JohnnyDepp stars in #AClockworkOrange meets #SiliconValley"
2 days ago
Visit our #spooky office during #soh2014 and see how we detect the #ghost of @notman and your smart devices. #IoT
2 days ago
@willnotman you're so old fashioned. Our tech doesn't use #PoE but rather RS-422 over UTP with power on spare pairs.
2 days ago
@fpuebla the #soh2014 #SmartSpaces party starts at 4pm EST. Come visit us at @notman and we'll show you how to opt-in
2 days ago
#soh2014 is now on #SmartSpaces and @CaptainMorgan already opted-in: Ask us how you can too!
2 days ago
Be the first to opt-in to #SmartSpaces with your device at @notman during #soh2014 and score this T!
2 days ago
@willnotman you're the first #ghost with a #Twitter account in our #SmartSpaces! Good to have you back at @notman:
5 days ago
Today's lunch with @Wayne_Pau and @DamianMcCabe was definitely a #smartweek2014 highlight. Advancing #Canada's tech ecosystem with heart!
6 days ago
Congrats to the @smartweek2014 organisers and volunteers on a very successful conference and looking forward to #smartweek2015! #IoT
6 days ago
@DamianMcCabe reminds us at #smartweek2014 why #hardware + #software for #IoT is hard. Just raises barriers to entry!


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