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SmartThings adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.

SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere - at home or abroad, city or country. The potential is limitless.
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2 hours ago
RT @gigaom: The power of the open platform = letting consumers reflect their individual life circumstances @smartthings @ahawkinson #gigaom
3 hours ago
RT @AaronCrocco: I now have 4 rooms online. @smartthings makes it so easy. Quite nice for lights to automatically come on when carrying a l…
5 hours ago
Learn how a SmartThings developer made the brilliant Home Automation Dashboard
8 hours ago
Love your friends? Love saving money? Love @smartthings? Then you're going to love this!
22 hours ago
RT @meinck: @rustybrick @mattcutts @augustsmartlock You should check out @smartthings They have an amazing developer community, fantastic h…
RT @mager: I'm speaking at the next CMX Series event about developer evangelism and communities on 10/28 in SF. I'm speaking!…
2 days ago
@lawofthe_few @nest There are a few threads on the community site. #OpenForTheWin #OpenPlatform cc: @alttext
2 days ago
[VIDEO] We're going old school with this SmartThings hack:
2 days ago
RT @JeromeBuvat: How @smartthings built a successful IoT ecosystem. Read our latest IoT report.
2 days ago
RT @matthewnohr: Started monitoring motion near a mouse trap with @smartthings . I now get alerted when those filthy little animals are in …
3 days ago
RT @JeromeBuvat: In 90 days, 1,900 new devices and 2,300 apps featured on @smartthings IoT platform
4 days ago
RT @mager: Here is the tutorial and code for the homemade clapper with @SmartThings & Arduino: #iothackday
5 days ago
RT @JessicaWOConnor: Thanks to @smartthings, I know that either an intruder carried off the contents of my china cabinet,……
5 days ago
@AaronCrocco great catch. just updated it with a link!
5 days ago
Check out this custom Web dashboard from the SmartThings Community!
5 days ago
@erniehalter bizarre. if you reach out to, they'll get you sorted asap. thnx!
5 days ago
Meet Alex, an Alberta-based #Android developer propelling our open platform
5 days ago
New SmartThings #iOS app is now available for free download:
5 days ago
7 Ways to Use @SmartThings this #Halloween (the last is our favorite...)
6 days ago
@Tr2v We've had very few reports of non-delivery. You can also see the conversation here:


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