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SmartThings adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.

SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere - at home or abroad, city or country. The potential is limitless.
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14 hours ago
@Glycerine Sorry for the trouble. Please contact support and they will get it handled.
4 days ago
@coreywads by the end of the year. Many are doing their migration manually. Still painful but a chance to clean things up and re do stuff.
5 days ago
@iamthatjuan We know it isn't great and are developing a migration tool to help. We've tried to be very upfront about this, all along.
5 days ago
@tech9900 Thanks! You can submit them directly to support or on the community site.
5 days ago
RT @LIFX: Your LIFX Lights now work with @smartthings. Check it out here: #iot #smarthome #lightmatters…
5 days ago
@theYaremchuk That's correct!
5 days ago
@theYaremchuk Correct.
5 days ago
@theYaremchuk Everything is still free & there will never be a required paid subscription. 100% optional premium service coming in Dec-Jan.
5 days ago
RT @bradcrow84: Ever decide to upgrade your home to a smart home, I recommend @smartthings. Awesome hub & community, even better customer s…
6 days ago
@theyaremchuk Order the one one from Amazon directly and not 3rd party used ones :) (hint: Samsung SmartThings Hub)
6 days ago
@VinayG2 When you first sign up for the newsletter, you get 5% off.
6 days ago
@hari_home Marketplace >SmartApps > SmartThings Rcommends> Smart Lights. This should assist you: . Cheers!
6 days ago
@hari_home @alttext Hello! Thank you for your patience, as we're going through the queue. You should be hearing from support very shortly.
6 days ago
@blottje Hey! Thanks for your patience. You're right on the high volumes and requests. Glad we're able to assist you!
6 days ago
Maybe this is why AP had such a monster day yesterday...
.@bilsel @ahawkinson We have some in the US. Which are your favorite connected sirens in the UK?
@hari_home @samsung We are on boarding a lot of new customers and are swamped. We pride ourselves on our support team and it will get better
@addedhonesty Sorry you're experiencing that. could you please contact [email protected], and we'll get you squared away!
@rachosol Sorry for the delay in response. We pinged Support on this, thank you for your patience! They'll be reaching out to you shortly.
@krishnan @ahawkinson You may also try rebuilding your z-wave network from time to time. (like after every 3-5 devices added). Let us know!


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