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iOTOS develops and licenses Internet of Things technology allowing consumer product and electronics manufacturers to give consumers control of their products and appliances using a smartphone. iOTOS uses wireless devices we manufacture called NiOs™ that connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Our public API and platform then enables people to easily communicate and control "Things" over the web. iOTOS creates a more manageable world!
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We had a momentary hiccup with the iOTOS #ThingServer. It is back up operational. Please give your #NiOGarage a moment to reconnect. Thx.
Just like @JohnSharp post, #IoT will help healthcare. Click here and see 4 more ways how #IoT helps this industry :
Check out @JohnSharp article on how #IoT is creeping into healthcare and how it is improving our personal health!
Hi @readewalker! We had a huge response to #NiOGarage and are streamlining production. Should be avail for order again sometime next week!
How to make products "smart": #NiO #IoT #Connect
D'oh! Forgot to include the link to the new version of #NiOGarage @Android app on @GooglePlay store:
Version 1.3 of the #NiOGarage @Android app is now available on the @GooglePlay store. Now allows you to configure #NiOGarage within the app.
2 years ago
The importance of connecting your products:
2 years ago
Now that basketball and hockey are over its time for football! See how #IoT can help keep the players safe:
2 years ago
.@beyermatthew @leandog Our pleasure!
2 years ago
RT @beyermatthew: Latest addition to @leandog boat. Thanks @iOTOS_inc #beerisgood
2 years ago
RT @LaunchHouse: Look who we ran into at #techpint - Art of @iOTOS_inc and Jonathan of @HooftyMatch!
2 years ago
20 coolest companies based here in Cleveland! #CLETech #IoT
2 years ago
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