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Freescale embedded semiconductor and connectivity solutions power your cars, networks, medical devices, appliances, smart mobile devices and more. As a global leader of embedded processing solutions, Freescale provides vital technologies for innovations in the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets.

Freescale's vast product portfolio includes 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers, 32-bit microcontrollers & processors, digital signal processors & controllers, analog & power management, customer specific ICs & custom SOCs, RF and sensors. Freescale’s software and development solutions take you beyond the silicon, helping to bring your embedded applications to life.
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#YourFutureCar gets real-time software updates to fix problems before they impact your car.
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Get started with ARM Cortex-MF4 based FRDM-K22F dev board that’s Arduino R3-pin compatible.
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Sensor Data Analytics creates new economies for the #IoT
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The way you cook is about to radically change. Watch a discussion on improved quality of food using #RFpower


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