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Push Technology Limited is an innovative technology and solutions specialist that focuses on pushing data beyond the edge. We are passionate about technology and its application to business, and critically, how it can be cleverly applied, at minimum impact, to realise massive gains in business performance.

What this means for our clients and the markets they address is that they can push any data to any device over any network, more efficiently and seamlessly than any other solution out there!

Working with Push Technology, organisations with demanding real-time two-way communications requirements – such as online gaming companies, financial institutions, brokers, traders, spread betting firms and news feed providers – can successfully redefine the boundaries of their Internet performance.
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"@ThatSnazzyGamer Real time apps are incredibly awesome, but incredibly difficult to do correctly..." Not for Push though :)
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"We live in a world of technological revolution. UK will succeed if we show relentless drive for leadership and innovation" D.Cameron #IoT


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