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Tendril is changing the way the world uses energy with its integrated, groundbreaking consumer engagement solutions. Energy providers, product manufacturers and consumer channel partners use Tendril's solutions to foster deeper customer relationships and achieve their energy efficiency, demand management and customer acquisition and retention goals and to create new opportunities for expanded business revenue.
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The excellent @gigastacey gets a shout out from #GridEdge panelist for being an exceptional reporter. Expert on the connected home.
RT @aaron_jbar: i) Open standards will enable the #smarthome. ii) Consumers need an emotional and economic value proposition. #GridEdge @En
RT @ewesoff: Ilen Zazueta-Hall of @enphase on #gridedge panel "How we use energy is actually a very intimate thing."
RT @aaron_jbar: "Home solutions must be simpler, more stimulating for consumers - currently very opaque." - Hunter Albright, @Tendril
It's time for utilities to start thinking of themsleves as energy service providers...and mean it, says Kris B. of @Lowes #GridEdge
As an industry, we need to make everything we do more human and simpler for consumers to use, says @HunterAlbright #GridEdge
Energy is on the minds of consumers. No question they are concerned about usage and want to reduce it - Says Kris B. of @Lowes #GridEdge
Time for our panel on home #energy management at #GridEdge with @HunterAlbright @Lowes and @Enphase. Watch live http://t.co/RJrzWFe5Tx
Make community solar tangible for consumers by creating an interactive buying experience and establish ongoing engagement. #EngageSolar
As of August 2014 there were 57 utility-offered community solar programs across 22 states, today there are almost 90! #EngageSolar
Why is community solar advantageous for utilities? Meet regulatory requirements at lower cost #EngageSolar via @UtilitySolar
RT @PowerHouseGMRI: @GMRI and @cmpco receive the 2015 Smart Grid Customer Education award for @PowerHouseGMRI http://t.co/l5bSm1Z3F4 via @b
RT @GMRI: So proud of @PowerHouseGMRI and @cmpco for their Smart Grid Customer Education Award! Thanks to @TilsonTech & CMP for their partn…
Start your day off right by biking to work on June 24th! #BikeToWorkDay http://t.co/5l4o8IBlNc
2 months ago
RT @viawest_inc: Congratulations @Tendril for your mention in top 6 companies to work for in Colorado! http://t.co/8XbP7jFb2o via @BuiltInC
2 months ago
⅓ of Tendril participated last year in Bike to Work Day. This year we are looking forward to an even bigger turnout! http://t.co/CWjBnuCzNX
2 months ago
You have just over a week to tune up your bike for #BikeToWorkDay on June 24th!
2 months ago
Tendril has joined the company challenge! We will be on the road for Bike to Work Day on June 24th. http://t.co/blmH3k5laX
2 months ago
RT @SteveHanleyRI: Tendril Pilots New Program For Community Solar http://t.co/LSCq7ZqvXx http://t.co/FocpUs6zts
2 months ago
Retain customer relationships, create grid-friendly solar gardens & offer customers more choice with Tendril’s NEW Community Solar Solution


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