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The Jasper Wireless platform enables network operators to quickly and efficiently service the M2M market, and for their M2M customers to optimally run their connected device businesses. The company partners with network operators around the world.

Powered with the Jasper platform, these operators deliver M2M services to companies requiring services for both traditional M2M applications (such as fleet management, vehicle telematics, smart grid, and asset monitoring) and connected consumer electronics (such as e-readers, personal navigation devices, tracking devices, and digital picture frames).

Partner operators benefit from a solution that addresses their end-to-end needs: a proven customer acquisition engine, an unparalleled customer platform, and an operator platform that maximizes margins.

Customers of operators who offer a Jasper-powered solution get a turnkey solution that enables them to launch, run, optimize, and expand their connected device businesses most efficiently.

Jasper’s solution is delivered in the cloud-based service model which provides both operators and customers with fast time to market and continuous innovation.
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