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Connected Watches

Control your world from your watch.


Lifelogging Devices

Collect and store those daily snapshots from your life.


GPS Bike Trackers

Remotely unlock, share and track your bike using these locks.


// Articles
data-driven-life The Data-Driven Life - NYTimes
By Gary Wolf, April 28, 2010

My girlfriend thinks I’m the weird person when I wear all these devices,” Bo Adler says. “She sees me as an oddity, but I say no, soon everybody is going to be doing this, and you won’t even notice.
measured-life The Measured Life - MIT Technology Review:
By Emily Singer June 21, 2011

"The group is part of a rapidly growing movement of fitness buffs, techno-geeks, and patients with chronic conditions who obsessively monitor various personal metrics. At the center of the movement is a loosely organized group known as the Quantified Self, whose members are driven by the idea that collecting detailed data can help them make better choices about their health and behavior."
couting-every-moment Counting every moment - Economist
By the Editors May 3, 2012

"“We were inspired by our knowledge of this history of personal computing,” he says. “We asked ourselves what would happen if we convened advanced users of self-tracking technologies to see what we could learn from each other.” Self-tracking may look geeky now, but the same was once true of e-mail. And what geeks do today, the rest of us often end up doing tomorrow.

// Websites & Blogs
quantified-self Quantified Self - Tools

A place for people interested in self-tracking to gather, share knowledge and experiences, and discover resources
lifestream-blog Lifestream Blog 
By Mark Krynsky

"Lifestream blog covers social data aggregation, lifelogging, quantified self, and digital preservation."

// Community
meetups  Self Tracking Meetups
- 112 and Counting 
linkedin-qs Linkedin Group
- 900+ Members 

// Events
qs-conference Quantified Self Conferences

- Europe 2013 - Amsterdam
- 2012 Palo Alto
living-by-numbers Living by numbers 2012 

- Event Videos

// Videos
show-tell-qs Quantified Self Show & Tell Videos
ted-gary-wolf TED: Gary Wolf: The quantified self
"At [email protected], Gary Wolf gives a 5-min intro to an intriguing new pastime: using mobile apps and always-on gadgets to track and analyze your body, mood, diet, spending -- just about everything in daily life you can measure -- in gloriously geeky detail."
gordon-bell Gordon Bell
"Gordon Bell, legendary lifelogger at Microsoft and author of Total Recall, gave a candid, engaging talk on his MyLifeBits project."

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// History

1920: Buckminster Fuller starts his Dymaxion Chronofile 
1945: Vannevar Bush introduces the Memex
As We May Think (PDF) (Originally published in The Atlantic Monthly)
"A memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory."