Connected Robots:
Connected Robots:
Connected Robots:

Connected Robots:

"50 Billion Connected Devices by 2020, How Many Robots?". That is one of the taglines from the new social network for robots MyRobots.comThe project is a subsidiary of RobotShopis powered by IoT open-source platform Thingspeak, and aims to "connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. In doing so we augment their capabilities enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We strive to make cloud robotics a reality accessible to everyone and everything."


How does it work?:
Once your robot is connected, you will be able to monitor it via the web, give commands and receive alerts.


The service is also creating an app store for applications that can run on the robot's (positronic) brain or in the cloud. "This contrasts with currently available App Stores that mainly sell applications that run on the target devices (usually phones). Offloading robotic computation to the cloud is new and unexplored realm."


Currently Compatible Hardware:
Smart Devices

MyRobots Connect
Personal Computer


DFRobotShop Rover
Aldebaran Nao
Robotis DARwIn OP (Coming Soon)
Aldebaran Karotz (Coming Soon)
iRobot Roomba (Coming Soon)
Neato XV Series (Coming Soon)

Project Coordinator:
Carlos Asmat

Press for the project:

Learn more about the project at:

RoboEarth is a World Wide Web for robots: a giant network and database repository where robots can share information and learn from each other about their behavior and their environment


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