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Embedded Firmware Developer
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[email protected]
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Interested candidates should send a resume with a brief cover note describing their interest in participating in the project to [email protected]




DASH7 is the longest range, lowest power wireless sensor networking standard available in the world. With an ability to track things that are moving, penetrate walls, the ability to “bend” around metal objects, and by using a globally available frequency and an ISO standard (ISO 18000-7), DASH7 is being deployed in an diverse array of commercial, industrial, military, and consumer applications.

There is simply nothing else quite like it in the world.

Many times the range and a fraction of the power of Zigbee, DASH7 offers end users the next generation wireless connectivity option. Chip companies like TI, Analog Devices, Melexis, and Semtech are building solutions for DASH7, while many Fortune 1000 companies we can’t tell you about here are doing cool pilots now. We also have a non-profit industry consortium with over 50 members that tests for interoperability and spreads the word about DASH7.

We are building an open source implementation of the DASH7 stack called OpenTag and are looking for a smart, young engineer with an electrical engineering education and 0-4 years job experience for an RF embedded firmware project. If you are good, there will likely be opportunities for a permanent full-time job.

Project Description

- Write and test and embedded firmware, primarily in C.
- Work with hardware partners on antenna design and related topics, although embedded firmware is the main aspect of the job.

Required Skills:

- Programming in C.
- Experience with embedded firmware for microcontrollers.
- Working knowledge (or better) of basic circuit design (e.g. reading a schematic).
- Working knowledge (or better) of basic computer architecture.
- Working knowledge (or better) of RF / signals & systems is a plus.
- There is an understanding that there will be some learning on the job. A less experienced candidate with a passion for exploration and thoroughness is preferable to a more experienced candidate without these characteristics. Embedded firmware authoring for RF applications is meticulous work, and the devil is often in the details.

Education requirements:

- BSEE or MSEE from a top university.
- Good ability with English, written and spoken.
- Knowledge of French is a plus.Experience requirements:
- 0-4 years relevant job experience


- Any history with hacks, pranks, or other stories of clever solutions to unusual
problems is a plus.
- If you are crazy about building the smallest, fastest, best solution, this is a plus. We
are building a product that does not simply exceed the performance of the
competition, it dominates the competition.

Company Details:

Company: Dash7 Alliance
Company Websitehttp://www.dash7.org/

Visit www.dash7.org to learn more about DASH7 and the DASH7 Alliance
Visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/opentag/ to learn more about OpenTag (currently
in beta)

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