Energy Joule
Energy Joule
Energy Joule

Energy Joule

"Save Money.  Help the Planet."  That is the moto of Ambient Devices and Consumer Powerline for the product Energy Joule.  Available only for users of Consumer Powerline’s demand-response program, the Energy Joule, or Home Joule as it is called now, is interesting way to get your current temperature and your current electricity cost in an easy to visualize format.


You can use the Energy Joule in your home and know immediately when energy prices are rising or falling.


Adjust your discretionary energy use in response to the changing color of the Joule, you can save hundred, even thousands of dollars per year while reducing load on the grid.
Track energy prices and your energy use with a simple night light.

-The Joule changes color to indicate real-time energy cost.
-Displays current cost of electricity
-Displays current energy usage.

The Joule will help solve the problem of when the demand (and price) for energy is highest throughout the day and displays to customers the crucial information that they need to change their behavior.

Data comes from both the energy company itself and wirelessly from the energy meter in your home.


From an MIT Technology Review Article:

"ConsumerPowerline's manager of incentive innovations, hopes that the devices will lead to an additional 5 to 10 percent drop in power consumption among organizations that already deliver reductions of 15 percent or more.

"We're trying to provide a relatively inexpensive tool for people to be informed about when to make good energy decisions," Wong says. That tool, the Joule, was developed jointly by ConsumerPowerline and MIT Media Lab spinoff Ambient Devices, based in Cambridge, MA. "


Originally from Inhabitat