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TOPIC: Panopticon as a metaphor of the Internet of Things – why not?

Panopticon as a metaphor of the Internet of Things – why not? #74

Recently, the ‘Council on the Internet of Things’ website published an article in Chinese by Yongmou Liu, Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, which is a warning against the danger of the Internet of Things becoming “a domineering tool”. The Panopticon is used as a metaphor for describing a “surveillance society” where technology is extensively and routinely used to track and record human activities and movements in ways which are invisible to ordinary people as they are watched and monitored.

Ends with:

What could be the metaphor of a free society where individuals are endowed with the capability to exploit their talents and realise their dreams, where social groups stand together, and where organisations adopt an ethical conduct? If we accept that Panopticon can be the metaphor for the surveillance society, the City of Control, the human enslaved by his objects, what could be the opposite concept for the freedom society, the City of Trust, the empowered individual?

Full post and discussion: www.theinternetofthings.eu/content/new-y...-if-it-were-opposite
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