Intelligent Light Switch: Goldee

"The Future of Light Control'
Intelligent Light Switch: Goldee
Intelligent Light Switch: Goldee
Intelligent Light Switch: Goldee
Intelligent Light Switch: Goldee

The Goldee Smart Light switch shows we have come a long way from The Clapper. 

Used in conjunction with connected LED bulbs from the likes of Lifx and Phillips the Goldee controller more closely resembles the Nest thermostat than a simple light switch. It learns the light patterns in your home and adjust the lighting accordingly using a range of built-in sensors (proximity, ambient, sound volume, motion) and your daily interactions with the device.

What you can do with a Goldee Unit:

  • Alarm: wakes you with simulated sunrise.
  • Automatically turn off lights when you are gone
  • Motion sensor turns lights on when you are around
  • Sleep Timer fades lights in preparation for sleep
  • Dim lights turn on when you wake in the night
  • Simulates presence for security when you are gone
If you have ever used the Flux app for you computer, you have a taste for how Goldee works. As the sun rises and sets, Goldee adjust your LEDs to simulate a more natural ambiance.

A unit has built-in Wifi, Bluetooth and IRQF connectivity and is made up of Gorilla glass for the front plate, to minimize scratches and any cracks that could happen. But you don’t need to touch the device once it is set up as it has a gesture control chip to read hand movements or manage it's settings from your Android or iOS device. It also comes with a Lighting Library (think iTunes Playlist) that you can set for different occasions.


Production for Goldee will start once they reach their crowdsourcing goal of $100,000. You can buy a unit at a discounted price during the campaign for $249. Projected retail is $349 with the first units shipping in the Summer of 2014. During the campaign you can order a single unit, a Room Pack that includes 3 LED smart bulbs or just go all out and get the Home Pack (4 units and 12 LIFX smart bulbs) for $1700.


It's interesting to see the start of new products and applications being built around other connected devices. Goldee might just be the answer to Smart lighting for the home and the only clapping to be heard will be a round of applause for more cross platform device integration and innovative user experiences.

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