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Interaction Engineer
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Contact Info
[email protected]
How To Apply:
Send us an email to [email protected] and be sure to include the following:
• Your curriculum vitae.
• A brief cover letter about yourself and why you want to work with us.
• Your portfolio with a focus on your tasks and responsibilities (PDF or online). This preferably includes work
samples from different stages of the design and development process (sketches, wireframes, prototypes, etc.)
• Samples of your code, preferably an open source contribution on GitHub or similar.




Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for a smart, deeply competent and insanely dedicated Interaction Engineer to join the Interactive Things
team. Your brain and hands will support our work on applications and visualization for the web, mobile and physical
space. In a passionate team of designers and developers, we achieve results of the highest grade by challenging ourselves
while fostering interest in the domain of the counterpart and mutual respect for each others’ expertise.

Personal Requirements:

You maintain a state of constant learning to keep up with new work in your field, participate in communities of practice connected to your expertise, and experiment with new techniques in personal projects. In your daily work you want to grow not only professionally but also personally.

You communicate in a clear, transparent and confident manner and collaborate enthusiastically with your team members, our clients as well as external professionals. You appreciate constructive critique and provide your expertise to people in need of your support. You’re friendly and courteous, good at finding ways to have fun even under the pressure of deadlines, and you’re OK with our carefully selected clients having the final say.

Critical Thinking
We are interested in your own opinion and expect that you engage deeply with the content, context and culture of our company and our clients. You understand that every decision has an impact and are looking to change the status quo to the better with your work. You love to initiate progress and like to tackle the big problems.

Technical Requirements:

Engineering Experience
You are already experienced in or have what it takes to get working with the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, Processing, Ruby.

Engineering Knowledge
You feel comfortable working with some of the following libraries and abstractions: jQuery, Sass/Compass, CoffeeScript, D3.js, Raphaël.js, Paper.js, Processing.js.

Engineering Etiquette
You know how to enter an existing codebase, collaborate using a version control system and adapt yourself to the coding conventions used.

You are experienced in working closely with designers to implement interactive interfaces and visualizations and deliver well-tested and pixel-perfect applications.
Got Extra Chops?
You get big plus points if you have expertise and experience in one of the following fields: open source, agile software development, Git.


Full Range
You develop on different levels of fidelity; from simple prototypes to sophisticated applications and visualizations. You assist in the technological concept creation and conduct research of what’s hot in programming.

Client-Side Engineering
You participate in the design process to ensure feasibility by means of technology, functionality and timeliness. With the appropriate technology at hand, you ensure responsive and reliably implemented design solutions.

Server-Side Engineering
As the foundation for our applications you build serverside applications that are scalable, performant and secure. You ensure that connections to databases or third-party APIs run smoothly and data gets processed and delivered as fast as possible.

Company Details:

Company: Interactive Things
Company Website

Who We Are

We are Interactive Things. We believe that technology must empower people and make them feel awesome. It should
assist and connect them, be unobtrusive and meaningful. Through designing interactive products, we try to achieve this
every day. We do everything to make working with us a pleasure. Accuracy and excellent quality are most important, we
are responsive, uncomplicated and friendly. Clients from finance, education, communication, publishing, and government
have deep trust in our expertise. No matter if they’re located within walking distance from our studio in Zürich or
halfway across the world, they work with us to make great things possible to millions of people.

What We Offer:

Challenge & Support
We believe that brilliant solutions come from great engagement and working outside of your comfort zone. To help you do that, we put the best tools in your hands to make sure you’ll enjoy work as much as play.

You join a gang of like-minded people who share great experiences professionally and personally alike. You will represent us at conferences and workshops and write for our publications esteemed by professionals worldwide.

We stay connected to progressively thinking designers, artists and academics worldwide. You will learn from the best and have a jolly good time doing so.

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