Connected Home Product
From enhancing playtime to improving security, networked devices are making our homes safer, smarter, and more connected. The Connected Home award recognizes products that should be part of everyone’s family.

  • Tado AC

    Tado AC

    "tado° Cooling turns any AC unit into a smart device: Auto-off, precooling, indoor presence detection and single room control."

  • BuildTrack


    BuildTrack offers an IoT solution platform for both residential and commercial needs in emerging markets where cost-effectiveness, 'retrofit-ability' and internet variability are important challenges.

    EzControl, is one such solution developed using the platform, to enable control of any standard electrical switch and simultaneous monitoring of sensors over the internet via Smart Apps using WiFi.

  • SensorFlare


    "Today, a typical smart home in the US uses about 11 smart appliances, each of which requires to be configured and operated in a stand-alone fashion. In the immediate future, each smart home will include more than 500 devices. It is evident that we need different approaches to tap the full potential of intelligent living.

    Sensorflare offers a radically new way to control all the smart devices that surround us. Our vision is to make our homes function with little or no ""human intervention""."

  • WallyHome


    Credit: SNUPI Technologies

    WallyHome is a wireless sensor network created by SNUPI Technologies that detects water leaks, changes in humidity and temperature, and alerts you if anything is amiss.

    According to the EPA, the average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, or the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry. WallyHome is an easy-to-install, cost effective solution that aims to prevent this type of excessive water waste.

  • Ubi


    Credit: Leor Grebler, co-founder and CEO of UCIC

    UCIC (Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation) is a company dedicated to the Internet of Things space and improving the way humans interact with technology. UCIC's founders believe that interaction with technology should be seamless and easy. Their first product is the Ubi, which is a Wi-Fi enabled hardware device that can understand and deliver on an unlimited number of voice commands.

    Ubi can be used to send messages to contacts, look up information, play music, and control smart home devices all through voice, and can be used to get information relayed to you without you needing to go to your phone or computer. The Ubi uses the latest in voice recognition, speech triggering, natural language understanding, and speech synthesis to provide you with a unique interaction with the world around you.

  • SunnLight

    Sunn Light

    The Sunn Light promotes healthy living and circadian alignment by continuously changing color and brightness in rhythm with the earth’s rotation. For those suffering from the winter blues, the Sunn Light provides vibrant, dynamic light that makes it easier to fall asleep, wake up feeling rested, and stay alert during the day.

    Sunn Light owners will enjoy custom features on the Sunn app that enable them to fine-tune their lights to their individual needs. Users can adjust to deviations in their sleep-wake cycles—perhaps due to jet lag or working late—by changing the time of day of their Sunn Lights.

  • ZEN Thermostat

    ZEN Thermostat

    The beautiful home thermostat that doesn't think it's smarter than you.

    ZEN is a new home thermostat that looks beautiful on your wall, is incredibly simple to use and is connected to the internet so you can control the temperature of your home from your smart phone.

  • Ngenic Tune

    Ngenic Tune

    "A smart thermostat, if not the smartest”

    It's an easy to install smart home IoT solution that increases your comfort and saves you money. The astonishing is that while doing the comfort, your house saves the planet by being part of the sustainable smart grid. The Ngenic system integrates with utility systems and aggregators to create "collaborative smart grid".

    Three small white boxes and an app, thats all you need.

  • GreenIQ


    GreenIQ is leading the smart garden revolution and introduces the innovative Smart Garden Hub. The Hub controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, and saves up to 50% of the outdoor water consumption. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G and it is easy to install and setup. The Hub can be controlled from anywhere, at anytime.

    The Smart Garden Hub is the only device that connects to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors. It connects to soil moisture sensors such as Flower Power and Koubachi, Netatmo weather station, or a flow meter, and save even more water.

  • Fishbit


    Current Labs designs products that monitor and control aquatic systems like aquariums, pools and hot tubs. FishBit, our first product, is a connected device that helps aquarium owners track changes in their tank’s water composition, review actionable insights, and take preventative action all from their smartphone.

    For the existing 8 million saltwater aquarium owners in the world, FishBit radically simplifies aquarium ownership and maintenance.

  • Withings Home

    Withings Home

    "Withings creates smart products and apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a new and easy way." - Smart Scale, Activity Tracker, Sleep, Home, Baby, Heart

  • RoboMow


    "Control your mower from the convenience of your smartphone. Mow those small patches located away from your main lawn and navigate from one garden to the other – effortlessly."

  • Edyn


    "Welcome to the connected garden. Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions, helping you make your plants thrive."

  • Water Hero

    Water Hero

    "Plumbing catastrophe avoidance for everyone. Stops pipe bursts & small costly plumbing leaks. SmartPhone controlled & easy install"

  • Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo

    "Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It's always on—just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Echo's brain is in the cloud, running on Amazon Web Services so it continually learns and adds more functionality over time. The more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences."

  • Heatworks Model 1

    Heatworks Model 1

    "The MODEL 1 adapts to your preferences and allows for ultimate user control. Easily monitor usage and control temperature in real time from your Android or iOS device."


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