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2014/15 Winners

22 categories // 72,000+ votes // 3 winners per category

Best DIY Project
Some products come pre-assembled, batteries included; others are made to be tinkered with. The DIY award goes to those projects and people harnessing connected technologies for their own lives and on their own terms.

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  • Oxford Flood Network

    Oxford Flood Network

    Credit: Ben Ward, Andrew Lindsay

    Oxford(UK) is prone to flooding. Although the Environment Agency provide blanket warnings they have limited resources and a small number of expensive, professional sensor. To help understand flooding at a street level we need data on the streams, groundwater and complex basin of the Thames & Cherwell. What we need is higher resolution data.

    The Oxford Flood Network project aims to show how to monitor water levels in your own community using the Internet of Things and wireless sensors.

  • MEG (Micro Experimental Growing)

    MEG (Micro Experimental Growing)

    Credit: Yradia

    "World's first social and automated greenhouse. Part machine, part community. MEG allows you to precisely control the key parameters for growing your plants - and share your experience."

  • Connected birdhouse

    Connected birdhouse

    Credit: Valentina Chinnici

    “The connected birdhouse was in fact an interactive object able to communicate to the nest/lamp the presence of a bird inside the house; and, accordingly, a color-coded signal [also provided] some information about the size of the bird itself.”


Open Source Project
The open source movement is in some ways the spiritual core of the Internet. The Open Source award honors projects that bring those values to the Internet of Things, either by incorporating open source technology or by making public the details of their own designs and software.

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  • WeIo


    "WeIO is an innovative open source hardware and software platform for rapid prototyping and creation of wirelessly connected interactive objects using only popular Web languages such as HTML5 or Python."

  • AllJoyn


    "AllJoyn™ is a collaborative open-source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other. It supports many language bindings and can be easily integrated into platforms small and large"

  • openHAB


    "A vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home. Build your smart home in no time!"


Design Fiction
Grounded as much in imagination as reality, design fiction is about bending the rules. It’s about asking “What if?”, and exploring possibilities to probe the edges of our changing world. The results may only be props or prototypes — but the best ones, as recognized by the Design Fiction award, end up helping us navigate our near futures and the stories they contain.

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  • Addicted Products

    Addicted Products

    Credit: Simone Rebaudengo, Haque Design Research

    "Addicted Products is a real fictional service that questions the model of constant ownership and proposes a scenario in which a product can be shared without the active decision of a person, but based on its own needs as a product."

  • Voice Booth

    Voice Booth

    Credit: Dionysia Mylonaki

    "Voice Booth is an interactive tool that trains users to act in real life,through their voice. It can be examined under the prism of our increasingly digitally enhanced social life, exploring the optimization of the human as a social species through technology."

  • Parasitic Products

    Parasitic Products

    Credit: Studio PSK

    "Parasitic Products examines the idea of an alternative route for product design development, where competition, and product interdependence shape the design of the objects in our environment."


Biggest Social Impact
Sometimes design is about more than form and function — it’s about making a difference in the world. The Social Impact award highlights projects that helps us all to live more harmoniously both with our environment and with one another.

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  • Smart Citizen

    Smart Citizen Project

    Credit: Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    "Smart Citizen is a platform to generate participatory processes of people in the cities. Connecting data, people and knowledge, the objective of the platform is to serve as a node for building productive and open indicators, and distributed tools, and thereafter the collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants."

  • Open Source Beehives

    Open Source Beehives

    Credit: Jon Minchin, Tristan Copley-Smith, Aaron Makaruk, Seneca Kristjonsdottir, Garrett Burrg, Chris Borke, Patrick Beseda

    "The Open Source Beehives project is a network of citizen scientists tracking bee decline. We use sensor enhanced beehives and data science to study honeybee colonies throughout the world."

  • Nextleaf

    Nexleaf's ColdTrace

    "Nexleaf's ColdTrace reimagines the cold chain infrastructure used to store and transport vaccines by enabling a low-cost wireless sensor to remotely monitor vaccines and transfer the monitoring data to a global database that fosters coordinated decisions by governments, global partners, pharmaceuticals, and clinics, and helps ensure life-saving treatments reach everyone."


Technical Enabler: DEVICE AND HARDWARE
Well-designed technology may be indistinguishable from magic, but that belies all the hard work and creativity that went on under the hood. The Technical Enabler awards acknowledge the elements that make it easier for everyone, from garage hobbyists to tech giants, to develop new products and services for the Internet of Things.

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  • Thingsee One

    Thingsee One

    "Thingsee One Is The Internet Of Things In Your Hands. Ready out-of-box with the Thingsee app, unlocked cellular connectivity, wide array of sensors, wireless connectivity, and up to a year battery life."

  • TI

    TI CC2541

    "The CC2541 wireless microcontroller is at the heart of the Bluetooth Smart SensorTag development kit, which enables fast app development using the six included sensors."

  • mbed OS

    mbed OS

    "mbed OS is an operating system for IoT devices and is especially well-suited to run in energy constrained environments. The OS includes the connectivity, security and device management functionalities required in every IoT device."


Technical Enabler: Network Services

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  • LoRa Product Family

    LoRa Product Family

    "With our LoRa RF platform, we have developed a 2-way wireless solution that complements M2M cellular or WiFi infrastructure, and provides a low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to either the network infrastructure or end point."

  • Sigfox Network

    Sigfox Network

    "Low energy consumption is critical when it comes to enabling the wealth of use cases for connected devices and this is the key focus for SIGFOX, as opposed to the 2/3/4G operators’ race for higher bandwidth. The ultimate goal for SIGFOX is to enable devices to connect to the Internet, from wherever they may be located, without any need for batteries."

  • M2M Air Mobile

    M2M Air Mobile

    "This all-inclusive service suite includes a broad products and services matrix to suit every customer need with: Pure connectivity (SIM-only), Bundled Connectivity (SIM + module), and module-only services (Just the Value Added Services component)." details

Technical Enabler: Platform and Tools

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  • nio


    "The world is racing towards sensorization and smart connected things. n.io software takes on the toughest challenges of interoperability, latency, database dependency and user complexity."

  • Thingworx


    "ThingWorx™, a PTC® Business, provides the industry’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) Application Platform that enables companies to quickly build and deploy IoT applications.

    Businesses use the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across all major industries as well as in emerging IoT applications including smart cities, smart grid, agriculture, and transportation."

  • SensorFlare


    "Today, a typical smart home in the US uses about 11 smart appliances, each of which requires to be configured and operated in a stand-alone fashion. In the immediate future, each smart home will include more than 500 devices. It is evident that we need different approaches to tap the full potential of intelligent living.

    Sensorflare offers a radically new way to control all the smart devices that surround us. Our vision is to make our homes function with little or no ""human intervention""."


Technical Enabler: Application Enablement

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  • Node Red

    Node Red

    Credit: IBM Emerging Technology

    "A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things. Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways."

  • Jubito


    Credit: John Ambeliotis

    "Jubito is a front-end implementation of the open source jaNET framework for interconnection and interaction between hardware and software objects.

    Jubito provides you with an intuitive platform that enables you to interconnect hardware and software components, as well as publish your projects online. It can be used for interacting with Arduino devices and populating HTML5 pages with custom instructions, such as application launchers, event managers, schedulers and more."

  • DGLux5


    DGLux5 is a modern IOT Application Platform, providing a Visual Drag and Drop Rapid Application Development Environment and all the tools needed to build any IoT application without ever writing code. It is an HTML5 web based development platform that easily enables the unification of all data systems and various data providers into a singular interface with the most comprehensive functionalities, data visualization tools, and workflows available.


Connected Home Product
From enhancing playtime to improving security, networked devices are making our homes safer, smarter, and more connected. The Connected Home award recognizes products that should be part of everyone’s family.

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  • Tado AC

    Tado AC

    "tado° Cooling turns any AC unit into a smart device: Auto-off, precooling, indoor presence detection and single room control."

  • BuildTrack


    BuildTrack offers an IoT solution platform for both residential and commercial needs in emerging markets where cost-effectiveness, 'retrofit-ability' and internet variability are important challenges.

    EzControl, is one such solution developed using the platform, to enable control of any standard electrical switch and simultaneous monitoring of sensors over the internet via Smart Apps using WiFi.

  • SensorFlare


    "Today, a typical smart home in the US uses about 11 smart appliances, each of which requires to be configured and operated in a stand-alone fashion. In the immediate future, each smart home will include more than 500 devices. It is evident that we need different approaches to tap the full potential of intelligent living.

    Sensorflare offers a radically new way to control all the smart devices that surround us. Our vision is to make our homes function with little or no ""human intervention""."


Connected Body Product
Strapped to your wrist, concealed in your clothes, or clipped to your keychain, the Connected Body award gives kudos to those devices you’d feel naked without.

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  • Vital Connect Health Patch

    Vital Connect Health Patch

    "The HealthPatch® family of biosensors is the first solution of its kind capable of capturing clinical-grade biometric measurements in a continuous, configurable and non-obtrusive manner using a small yet powerful patch worn on the chest."

  • Zebra MotionWorks

    Zebra MotionWorks

    Credit: Zebra Technologies

    "In July of 2014, Zebra Technologies announced a partnership with the NFL to install Zebra Technologies’ real-time location system (RTLS) in 17 stadiums during the 2014 NFL season.

    Zebra receivers were installed throughout 17 NFL stadiums and communicate with RFID transmitters placed inside the shoulder pads of each player to capture precise location measurements, in real-time, during the game. The data is then outputted to generate new experiences built around this additional data."

  • Hexoskin


    "Hexoskin's biometric shirt is a portable lab that monitors cardiac, respiratory, and activity data"


Connected Retail Application
The Retail award recognizes products and platforms that improve the brick-and-mortar shopping experience through analytics, backroom efficiencies, and increased customer engagement.

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  • Hiku


    "hiku scans barcodes and recognizes your voice, and then instantly adds items right to your shopping list."

  • Scanalytics


    "Scanalytics is a sensor-based engagement and analytics platform for physical spaces."

  • Visionect


    "Hardware & software for electronic paper signage"


Connected Transportation Application
The movement of people and goods relies on a vast infrastructure, with myriad opportunities for connected tech. The Transportation award goes to innovators who are driving new developments in the way we get around.

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  • WeatherCloud


    "WeatherCloud crowd sources weather and road condition information by equipping trucks and automobiles with proprietary weather sensors."

  • Local Motion

    Local Motion

    "With our keyless access for drivers and web-based controls for managers, our technology increases fleet utilization and makes sharing vehicles in a motor pool easier than ever before."

  • DecentLabs: Wireless Bridge Monitoring

    DecentLabs: Wireless Bridge Monitoring

    "A long term deployment has been set up to demonstrate the capabilities and the ease of use of wireless monitoring systems in the field of civil engineering. In this application tensile forces of cable stays of a cable stayed bridge are monitored by tracking natural frequencies of cable vibrations."


Smart City Application
From the aqueduct to the automobile, new technologies have always transformed the urban environment. The Smart City award showcases projects that use today’s data-driven technologies to shape the cities of tomorrow.

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  • Array of Things

    Array of Things

    Credit: Charlie Catlett and researchers from the Urban Center for Computation and Data of the Computation Institute

    "The Array of Things (AoT) is a network of interactive, modular sensor boxes around Chicago collecting real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use."

  • Bigbelly Enterprise Waste Management Solution

    Bigbelly Enterprise Waste Management Solution

    "BigBelly is transforming the way organizations tackle public space waste & recycling, saving time, fuel and money while reducing their carbon footprint."

  • Kiunsys


    Kiunsys applies the Internet of Things paradigm on parking installing Parking Spot Sensor that allow real time and predictive infoparking: the ""Parking Spot Sensor"" detects the occupation status of each parking spaces and, thanks to the integration with parking payment systems, also lets know which parking still occupied will be available soon.

    Cities collect sensor data in real time and share them with the citizen via web and mobile applications, or through digital signage systems, addressing motorists to available parking spaces closer to their destination.


Connected Industry/Enterprise Application
Industrial-scale operations demand smart solutions for managing and maintaining distributed networks of people, machines, and processes. The award for Industrial/Enterprise Application recognizes innovations that help with the heavy lifting.

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  • Farmobile


    "Farmobile’s Simplicity™ system puts farmers in control of their data. It’s the farmer’s data so farmers profit. It’s the farmer’s choice."

  • Condeco Sense

    Condeco Sense

    Workspace management technology like Condeco helps companies, even those new to the concept of IoT, to continually and accurately measure how employees use their workspace. Condeco Sense, a wireless sensor, takes daily readings from desks at companies around the world, transmits those readings back to a centralized database in the cloud, and enables clients to access and analyze the data in easy to understand graphs and tables.

  • DAQRI’s Smart Helmet

    DAQRI’s Smart Helmet

    DAQRI’s Smart Helmet is a wearable device that utilizes augmented reatlity and 4D technologies in an industrial environment. The helmet accumulates, saves, and blends knowledge and data from the workplace in industrial apps built to integrate with existing hardware, software, and processes. Information about sites, equipment, processes, and work instructions can be shown as 4D content on the Smart Helmet display for on-site workers at any location.


Event of the Year
Conferences, expos and symposiums bring the community of connected technology innovators together. The gatherings that have the greatest impact on the Internet of Things are distinguished with the Event of the Year award.

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  • IoT World Forum

    IoT World Forum

    Location: Various (Barcelona, Chicago, Dubai)

    Next Event: 6/8 Dec

    The Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) is "an exclusive annual event that brings together the best and brightest thinkers, practitioners, and innovators from business, government, and academia to accelerate the market adoption of the Internet of Things."

  • Liveworx


    Location: Stuttgart, Boston

    Next Event: May 4th-7th

    LiveWorx "is world’s largest event for IoT industry leaders, building off the foundation of Axeda Connexion. This event is filled with customer-focused business and technical sessions, plus valuable network opportunity opportunities to help shape the future of your business and career"

  • Note: There is no Editors' Choice Award for this category due to exisiting Postscapes media partnerships / events

CEO of the Year
An exceptional company is a collective effort, but sometimes a visionary executive can elevate one player above the competition. Only the boldest of leaders will take home CEO of the Year.

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  • Ben Kaufman - Quirky - Wink

    Ben Kaufman - Quirky - Wink


    "Breaker, Maker, Founder (and CEO) of Quirky. Previously Founder of mophie."

  • James E. Heppelmann - PTC

    James E. Heppelmann - PTC


    "Mr. Heppelmann has worked in the information technology industry since 1985 and has extensive experience developing and deploying large-scale product development systems within the manufacturing marketplace. Prior to joining PTC, Mr. Heppelmann was co-founder and chief technical officer of Windchill Technology, a Minnesota-based company acquired by PTC in 1998."

  • Dr. Gary D. Butler - Camgian Microsystems

    Dr. Gary D. Butler - Camgian Microsystems

    Camgian Microsystems

    "Dr. Gary D. Butler is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Camgian Microsystems® Corporation. Since it's formation in 2006, Camgian has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies providing award winning information systems powered by its revolutionary edgeware, a combination of software and hardware that enables real-time processing at the network’s edge."


Acquisition of the Year
Consolidation is inevitable in any growing industry, and this year the IoT land grab was in full swing. The Acquisition of the Year award highlights the shrewdest and smartest deals that went down in 2014.

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  • PTC - Axeda/Thingworx

    PTC - Axeda/Thingworx

    Press Release

    “In less than a year, PTC has quickly scaled to a position of leadership in helping manufacturers seize the opportunity presented by a smart, connected world,” said PTC president and CEO Jim Heppelmann. “We believe the combination of ThingWorx, Axeda and our existing SLM and PLM solution portfolio, will establish PTC as the only provider of true closed-loop lifecycle management solutions for the Internet of Things."

  • Zebra Technologies - Motorola Solutions

    Zebra Technologies - Motorola Solutions

    Press Release

    "On April 15, 2014 Zebra Technologies announced its intent to acquire the Enterprise business of Motorola Solutions for $3.45 billion.

    By acquiring Motorola Solutions’ rugged mobile device portfolio, Zebra has positioned itself and its customers to benefit from this enterprise trend. With the addition of Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise portfolio, Zebra is also a leader in critical IoT technologies like RFID, wireless networking and cloud-based IoT software like Zebra’s Zatar platform."


VC of the Year
Venture capitalists are the fairy godmothers of the IoT, turning today’s scruffy startups into contenders for tomorrow’s industry throne. The VC of the Year award praises those who put their faith — and their wallets — behind the concepts that will shape the future of the Internet of Things.

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  • Shasta Ventures - Rob Coneybeer

    Shasta Ventures - Rob Coneybeer

    "I am actively investing in startups that use data, artifical intelligence, machine learning, the Internet and mobile networks to connect people and devices in an effort to impove people's lives."

    IoT investments inlcude: Nest, Mocana, Eye-fi and Arch Rock

  • R/GA Acclerator

    R/GA Accelerator

    "Designed for startups developing connected hardware products and software services with the goal of helping them to build businesses and brands that can scale.

    IoT investments include: Pinoccio, bitfinder, Owlet, Keen, Footmarks

  • Cisco Investments

    Cisco Investments

    Team: Hilton Romanski, Rob Salvagno, Nate D’Anna, Ali Sheikh

    "We currently have an active portfolio of $2B with over 80 direct investments around the world, and we also hold Limited Partner positions in over 35 funds globally."

    IoT investments include: EVRYTHNG, iControl, Ayla Networks, Alchip


Alliance / Consortium of the Year
As wireless communication technologies proliferate, industry players are realizing the need for consistent standards and broad interoperability. The Alliance / Consortium of the Year award recognizes those groups of industry players who are collaborating to unite the Internet of Things.

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  • Bluetooth SIG

    Bluetooth SIG

    "The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is the body that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of the Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers."

  • Allseen Alliance

    AllSeen Alliance

    The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to enabling and driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Everything with an open, universal development framework supported by a vibrant ecosystem and thriving technical community.

    The AllSeen Alliance framework is initially based on the AllJoyn™ open source project, and will be expanded with contributions from member companies and the open source community.

  • Open Interconnect Consortium

    Open Interconnect Consortium

    The Open Interconnect Consortium is focused on delivering a specification, an open source implementation, and a certification program for wirelessly connecting devices. Membership is currently over 50 members.


Partner and Ecosystem Builder
Far more than a scattering of standalone products, the Internet of Things is a tightly-woven fabric in which lots of products and services work together organically. The Partner and Ecosystem Builder award goes to organizations that leverage industry connections to champion cooperation and interoperability.

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  • IoT London Meetup

    IoT London Meetup

    Organized by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (@iotwatch) since 2011 the London Internet of Things Meetup has grown to over 4000 members and set the gold standard for the explosion of other IoT Meetups formed around the world.

  • ptc


    "PTC delivers technology solutions that transform the way companies create, operate and service their products. PTC solutions enable manufacturers to achieve Product and Service Advantage in a smart, connected world."



    Credit: Generalitat de Catalunya

    Catalonia Smart Strategy (SmartCATATALONIA) has set the goal to convert Catalonia into a leading international Smart Region that will take advantage of the use of technology and digital information to be able to innovate in public services, boost economic growth and become a more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive society.

    The SmartCAT strategy will launch different projects and initiatives aimed at public administration, companies and citizens.


Fastest-Rising IoT Startup
Every year a new crop of entrepreneurs enters the fray in the Internet of Things space. The Fastest-Rising startup award puts the spotlight on teams that came out swinging, took risks, and made a powerful impact in the space.

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  • Sigfox


    Headquarters: Labège, France

    SIGFOX operates a cellular network dedicated to low-throughput communication for connected objects. This low-throughput only network is being rolled out in 60 countries within the next five years and the company has raised $32 Million in 2 rounds of financing.

  • Relayr


    Headquarters: Berlin, DE

    "Relayr enables device manufacturers, app developers, and software companies to leverage the power of the internet of things."

  • Evrythng


    Headquarters: London, Zürich and New York City

    "EVRYTHNG is the award-winning IoT cloud platform that connects any consumer product to the Web and manages real-time data to drive applications."


Must-Follow IoT Company
Whether they’ve been in the Internet of Things business for years or are just getting started, some companies seem to have captured more than their fair share of attention this year. The Must-Follow Company award commends the teams that have us all on the edge of our seats, wondering what they’ll come up with next.

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  • Libelium


    Headquarters: Zaragoza, Spain

    "Libelium delivers a powerful, modular, easy to program open source sensor platform for the Internet of Things enabling system integrators to implement reliable Smart Cities and M2M solutions with minimum time to market. Libelium's platform, called Waspmote, allows implementation of any Wireless Sensor Network."

  • Thingworx


    Headquarters: Exton, PA

    "ThingWorx is the first platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world. ThingWorx reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative applications for smart, connected products."

  • PrismTech


    Headquarters: Stirling, Stirlingshire

    PrismTech’s customers build system solutions for the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and advanced wireless communications.

    PrismTech supplies the software platforms, tools and services they need to deliver the performance, scalability, efficiency, flexibility and robustness they require. PrismTech’s customers build system solutions for the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and advanced wireless communications.


Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

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