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Connected Home Product

title-connected-home1From enhancing playtime to improving security, networked devices are making our homes safer, smarter, and more connected. The Connected Home award recognizes products that should be part of everyone’s family.

View the complete set of Award Winners from this year here.

Home energy monitoring using a single sensor

Intelligent pool control

She takes care of what matters to you today.

Turn a spare iPhone or iPad into a free remote camera

Bluetooth Motion Alarm

It learns the patterns in your home and adjust the lighting accordingly using a range of built-in sensors (proximity, ambient, sound volume, motion) and your daily interactions with the device.

Next generation control of your environment with accurate in-home location data and a gesture control interface.

CubeSensors are packed with seven powerful sensors that help you live better.

A universal smart home hub that features 7 wireless radios speaking 10 different wireless languages.

We send mail to toys.

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

Fliwer takes care of your plants efficiently, using smart sensors and high technology

Wireless Home Security

Tighten the connection between older adults living independently and their families using activity sensors, web platforms and built-in connectivity

Quirky, GE, and Electric Imp’s Smart Product Line

Remotely control electronics with one app

Smart sprinkler controller

Weather Forecasting, WiFi enabled Irrigation

Wifi enabled sensors for your home and office