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Design Fiction

title-design-fictionGrounded as much in imagination as reality, design fiction is about bending the rules. It’s about asking “What if?”, and using the remains to probe the edges of our changing world.
The results may only be props or prototypes — but the best ones, as recognized by the Design Fiction award, end up helping us navigate our near futures and the stories they share.
View the complete set of Award Winners from this year here.

New Zealand Merino in an Internet of Things

Bioprinting & Artificial Food Waste : Concept Prototypes Part 1

Explores the evolving nature—and the risks—of intimacy in the modern world.

A shoulder mounted CCTV detector

The Photon Shower is meant to help people manage their jet lag by immersing them into a small booth filled with animated blue light.

The United Micro Kingdoms (UmK) is divided into four super-shires inhabited by Digitarians, Bioliberals, Anarcho-evolutionists and Communo-nuclearists.

An investigation into how less fortunate members of society would parasitically acquire energy in a world where electricity becomes currency.

Explores a world where designed and patented genetic material enters the human body through illicit means.

nuna is a system of patches that integrate with your skin and provide new sensory experiences.

Future functional clothing will evolve with a changing environment.

Eidos is a radical new approach to wearable augmented reality that lets us enhance and control our existing senses in real time.

Nebo is advertising that influences you to act in your own best interests.

The effect of Mediated Reality on the user and the user’s interaction with the environment.

Explores a future scenario where bio-engineered birds once again monitor the air for us.

The DRM Chair has only a limited number of use before it self-destructs.