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DIY Project



Some products come pre-assembled, batteries included; others are made to be tinkered with. The DIY award goes to those projects and people harnessing connected technologies for their lives on their own terms.

View the complete set of Award Winners from this year here.

A specially outfitted bicycle features environmental sensors to measure live city data.

Hardware Hacking for Data Scientists

The IoT meets the greeting card

Internet synchronized lights

Open Source Bee Monitoring system

Volunteer Fire Department Warning System

Investigating ways to connect a beer to the Internet. Towards a field test under the hardest possible conditions.

CoffeeBot Levels and Intake Analytics

Wirelessly control a cockroach

Wireless Arduino Powered Chess

Web enabled foosball table provided the office with a tracking of Games Won, Total Goals and Top Players

The Emergency Pizza Button

The P.I.L. Box – A Better Medication Reminder System

Bluetooth Lightbulb

Real World Minecraft Lighting using the Philips Hue

A network of autonomous wireless network of sensors