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Must-Follow Company

title-must-followWhether they’ve been in the Internet of Things business for years or are just getting started, some companies seem to have captured more than their fair share of attention this year.


The Must-Follow Company award commends the teams that have us all on the edge of our seats, wondering what they’ll come up with next.
View the complete set of Award Winners from this year here.

The voting for the Awards this year was quite competitive. Unfortunately due to some manipulation we were unable to determine with full accuracy the People’s Choice Winners for this category. We apologize for this, appreciate your understanding, and will continue to improve the voting and technical features in the coming years.

Umbrellium creates and commercialises participatory products and services that empower people to transform their cities.

“Make products smart”

Libelium delivers a powerful, modular, easy to program open source sensor platform for the Internet of Things enabling system integrators to implement reliable Smart Cities and M2M solutions with minimum time to market The platform allows implementation of any Wireless Sensor Network, from Smart Parking to Smart Irrigation solutions. Notes: Libelium also runs Open Hardware initiative Cooking Hacks. In 2013 Libelium alongside with IBM to develop Waspmote Mote Runner  a 6LoWPAN Development Platform

Simplify & accelerate the creation, deployment, and management of #ConnectedProducts and solutions on the #InternetOfThings

Your M2M Expert

ThingWorx is the first application platform designed to rapidly build innovative Internet of Things and M2M applications.

An Internet of Things platform to rapidly develop and deploy high-performance, branded remote asset management solutions for the enterprise.

Carriots is an application hosting and development platform designed for projects related to the Internet of Things.

Software that connects the Internet of Things

Providers of technology and services that make it easy and cost-effective to Web-enable anything and build the Internet of Things

Brivo Labs is an Internet of Things company leading the emerging Social Access Management market.

The Electric Imp platform is the complete solution to easily connect any device to the Internet.

Creators of an intelligent irrigation system

OpenPicus creates products that help companies and professional in creating connected objects for the Internet of Things.

Unlock a new world of possibilities by using your smartphone to communicate with everyday objects in your life.

BERG Cloud is the world’s friendliest and most complete platform for connected devices.

Growing the Smart Systems and Internet of Things marketplace through research, consulting and interactive workshops.

We make people-inspired products and solutions.

Makers of a family of WiFi enabled sensors

Ultra low power Embedded Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions

Creators of a range of connected products including a Wifi scale, sleep monitor and activity tracker