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Networked Art

title-networked-artArtists are often the first to see the potential in new technologies and their impacts.
The Networked Art award celebrates projects that explore the possibilities and implications of connected technology — and often, in the process, reveal profound truths about our societies and our selves.
View the complete set of Award Winners from this year here.

Emotional gateway to Minneapolis

Dynamic Shape Display

“Chicago Faces” is a guerrilla art piece that photographs the faces of civilians using custom software.

Underwater is a large-scale suspended installation that is articulated using data from the surface of water.

Visible GPS Signals

Viennese artist Alex Kiessling created three artworks simultaneously in three European cities.

The Rain Printer project tracks precipitation data in real time from around the world, juxtaposing and visualising the data with the issues of freshwater and commodification around the world.

A vast brutalist airship, the wind in its ragged concrete sails, drifts through the sky.

Stocks, Twitter, Uranium