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Data Sensing Lab

The Data Sensing Lab is a project with the tagline “Hardware hacking for data scientists”. By deploying custom wireless hardware at tech conferences like Strata and Google I/O the team is looking to advance what real-time sensor network data collection, analysis, and visualizations will look like in the near future.

“We will soon begin to move in a sea of data, our movements monitored and our environments measured and adjusted to our preferences, without need for direct intervention. What will this look like? How can we create and shape it? How can we introduce the relevant hardware to people who already possess data analytics skills?”

The team uses Arduinos, XBee radios, 3d printed enclosures and cloud database tools to track temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality, audience engagement, and foot traffic levels in real-time for each of the conference venues.

Nominated In:
Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Robert Faludi, Kim Rees and Julie Steele