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Hello Lamp Post

Most of Bristol’s public infrastructure has a unique identifier attached to it (postal boxes have a six figure code, benches have seven, storm drains are outfitted with 14 digits). The team’s Hello Lamp project made it easy for the cities residents to engage in a collective conversation with these tax funded objects and over time with one another using simple SMS messages (Specific objects are “woken” by texting the word ‘Hello + the name of the object + its code’).

After waking up a specific object it responds to the person with a question from an online database; “Does being here remind you of anything?”, “Do you smell something?”, and “What’s your favorite thing around here?”. The response by the passer-by is then archived to help improve the conversation for the next person and begin the creation of a shared memory for that specific piece of infrastructure and its location in the city.

Pan Studio, Tom Armitage, Gyorgyi Galik