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Objective Devices

Going by the title “Objective Devices” the project looks at the “paradigm shifts that are occurring in modern physics and proposes a design methodology that collapses the space between science, technology, design, and culture.”

The first device “ignorant decay” is a Geiger counter device that detects radioactive signals, produces an algorithm and trades on the open stock market based on the stochastic behavior of radioactive decay.

Her other connected project in the series is “#fortunecookie” and plays off of the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment that explores if a cat is may be both alive and dead depending on an earlier random event.

Using Twitter posts and fortune cookies to make the experiment physical, the design creates “an alternate vision where Twitter is providing a new view of our future selves by taking existing tweets (which represent an event that has happened in the past to someone else) and changing the language to create a fortune (which will represent an event that has the probability to happen in the future to the receiver of the fortune cookie).”

Jessica Lee