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Download, select, and protect. Presence works for you 24/7. Turn a spare iPhone or iPad into a free remote camera to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world (Wi-Fi or cellular). Select Presence Motion Detection to receive free Presence Video Alerts and see what happened just moments ago. Or select Video and Audio Streaming to enable convenient 2-way conversations, and even the ability to remotely control robotic viewing stands. Supervise and control your energy consumption before your eyes with Presence, too. Turn lights and appliances on and off from your smartphone with Presence-controlled Monsterâ„¢ smart plugs. Automate your system with simple and powerful Presence Rules, helping you design an automated motion detection and energy plan for home or office.

People Power is advancing the platform to launch a paid version that allows more customization, flexibility and access to more devices, products and services. Once launched, Presence Pro will feature remarkably powerful video features and increased compatibility with devices like Wi-Fi thermostat control, window/door sensors, meters and robotic gadgets.