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Sarvajal is a company founded in 2008 by the Piramal Foundation that wants to help solve the issue of getting clean water to rural Indian communities through their distributed water delivery and filtration systems.

Utilizing a combination of sensors, cellular connectivity, and solar power the company has created a network of “Water ATMs”. The system uses reverse osmosis and ultraviolet rays to clean the water on site and enables customers to purchase only the amount of water that they need at that moment down to very small quantities. Sarvajal manages the initial water delivery and operating of the equipment itself while the local franchise owners pay an upfront fee to then receive a 40/60 cut of every sale.

  • Cloud-based remote monitoring systems combined with best-in-class reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration units provide real-time intelligence, quality management, and reduced operational costs.
  • Cloud-managed, solar-powered, cashless vending ecosystem that enables availability of clean drinking water 24 hours a day at the very last mile.
  • Customized ERP that manages water enterprises from source to consumption. Integrated with the Soochak, Water ATM,and with service, maintenance, and supply chain operations.