Internet of Things by Philippe Gautier and Laurent Gonzalez (French)

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Philippe Gautier and Laurent Gonzalez

Internet of Things by Philippe Gautier and Laurent Gonzalez (French)

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A new book on the IOT was recently released (Only in French at the moment) by Laurent Gonzalez and Philippe Gautier



The book is described as a "result of a meeting between a professional of Supply Chain and RFID, and a visionary expert of both information systems and systemic methods, the book is structured in the form of questions and answers, illustrated with diagrams and charts. It is aimed at both professionals (technophiles warned), and less specialist readers who want to develop their knowledge in these matters or understand the impact of this new Internet at a sociotechno-economic level.


This book is therefore an essay on the future of the Internet and the - now necessary - contribution of both sciences of complexity and cybernetics in information systems to meet the new challenges of sensory technologies (NFC, RFID, Barcodes, GPS, etc.) and open value chains. This essay discusses the particular impacts on economics, sociology, governance and philosophy."


View more details and a few reviewer blurbs about the book visit here, if you are a French speaker you can pick it up for your shelf here, and finally if you would like to keep up with the authors and the release of the English version visit

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