Internet of Things Hackathons

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The many overlapping layers involved in developing connected products make it important to get a diverse range of thinkers and fields together. Hackathons focused around embedded hardware, user experience design, and Internet of Things security continue to pop up to play an important role in IoT innovation.

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Intel IoT Explorer Challenge

Dates: Final Championship early 2015 (Ideation Phase starts in May, Dev kit delivery and hackathons in the summer, Development Phase in August)

Prizes: Specifics not disclosed atm "Exciting prizes, cash & exotic travel"

Provided resources: Finalists receive Galileo Development Kit for IoT, Attendance at a global hackathon series, technical support and IoT Zone online community

- Make it Wearable Challenge
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Java IoT Developer Challenge

Dates: Submissions due by May 30, 2014 (Submissions begin March 3rd, 2014, Winners announced June 30th, 2014, JavaOne Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, 2014)
- 12 winners will receive a trip to JavaOne 2014
- six students will receive laptops and certification voucher 

Provided resources:
Free online training sessions

- Background video
- Official Rules
- Support Forum

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Cisco Security Grand Challenge

Dates: Submission deadline June 17, 2014 (Winners announced at Cisco IoT World Forum in Fall 2014)
Prizes: $300,000 in prize money (Maximum of 6 winners with awards from $50,000 to $75,000)

: Submissions will be judged on "Feasibility, scalability, performance, and ease of use, Applicability to multiple IoT verticals (connected vehicles, healthcare, oil & gas, smart grid, etc.), Technical maturity and viability of proposed approach, Proposers’ expertise and ability to feasibly create a successful outcome"

- Community Forum
- Application process
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IPSO Challenge 2014

Dates: Starts February 4, 2014 (Winners announced on April 25th 2014)
Prizes: Winner $10,000 USD and the benefits of global exposure and market contacts afforded by members of the IPSO Alliance and their partners. 2nd $5,000 and 3rd place will receive $2,500).

: "IPSO CHALLENGE was designed to advance the development and standardization of the Internet of Things (IoT). We challenge forward thinkers from around the globe to build working prototypes from innovative concepts in interfaces, interactions, and applications which showcase the use of the Internet Protocol (IP) in real world sensor/control and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.'

- 2013 Winners and submissions

Previously Held IoT Hackathon Events



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AT&T, Dell, Intel Hackathon Series

Dates: Finished Jan 5th 2014
- Finale: 1st ($20,000 cash) 2nd ($5,000 cash), 3rd ($2,000 cash)
- Regional Events: 1st ($1000 cash, trip to Vegas), 2nd ($500 cash, trip to Vegas) 3rd ($200)

: "4 separate regional “Internet of Things” hackathons are being scheduled throughout the 2013 calendar year with a final accelerator “demo” at the national event that will be held in Las Vegas."

- LA Event, Boulder Event, NYC Event, Palo Alto Event
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M2M Hackfest

Dates: Finished Nov 26-27 2013
- See prizes

: "Designed with a pure objective to deliver hacked solutions and inventions, the Hackfest is at the cutting edge - empowering and equipping developers to take on a host of challenges and push new boundaries in hackathons around the world."

- Upcoming events
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Eyehub Hackday

Dates: November 16th 2013
Prizes: 42.51B
"Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators." 

- Project overview
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WoT Hackathon

Dates: September 8th 2013
Overview: "The WoT Hackathon is free of charge and free to attend for anyone who is interested. All prototypes built during the WoT Hackathon will be show-cased during the demonstration session of WoT 2013 on September 9 2013 to all workshop participants."

- COMPOSE Project
- WoT Program


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