Internet of Things Investments


The IoT is generating significant interest from both emerging and traditional fundraising communities. Below we take a look at some of the notable investment activity in the space over the last several years.

 Funding Rounds

Date Company Description Type Amount Investors Details
4/27/2010 cantalope-systems-logo Cantaloupe Systems, Inc. "provides wireless machine monitoring and management solutions to the vending industry." Series C $12.4M Foundation Capital and Global Environment Fund - Press Release
5/10/2010 sifteo-logo Sifteo "Sifteo Cubes facilitate a shared play experience with face-to-face collaborative play." Series B $9M Foundry Group, True Ventures - Blog Post
5/27/2010 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." Series C N/A Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross, Symantec - Press Release
10/8/2010 alertme-logo AlertMe "is an affordable and easy to use Smart Energy and Home Monitoring system that puts you in control of your home." Series B £8M Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners - Press Release
2/7/2011 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "is the 1st Application Platform for the Connected World™ - one that combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, social media and Connected Intelligence™, and applies it to any process that involve things." Series B $5M Safeguard Scientifics Inc - Press Release
12/5/2011 gainspan-logo GainSpan brings Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi to sensors and embedded applications. Series C $18M Hatteras Funds, Mobile Internet Capital, Opus Capital, In-Q-Tel
Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Sigma Partners
- Press Release
1/31/2012 mosoro-logo Mosoro "a company that creates Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE) accessory solutions, also known as Appcessories" Series A $1.5M High Country Venture - Press Reelase
2/12/2012 tado-logo "Using the power of cloud computing, smart phones and the Web, tado° significantly improves on traditional home heating and cooling systems." Series A $2M Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures - Press Release
5/15/2012 electric-imp-logo Electric Imp is a "startup which develops the Imp, a chip intended to provide Internet connectivity to all electrical devices." Seed $7.9M Redpoint & Lowercase Capital -Techcrunch coverage
6/11/2012 alive-cor-logo AliveCor "has developed a device that will turn any smartphone into a clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder." Series B $10.5M Burrill & Company, Khosla Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures - Press Release
6/20/2012 gainspan-logo GainSpan brings Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi to sensors and embedded applications. Venture Round $6.5M Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Opus Capital, OVP Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, and Camp Ventures - Press Coverage
7/10/2012 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." Series D $25M Trident Capital, Shasta Ventures, Intel Capital, Southern Cross, Symantec - Press Release
9/4/2012 goodnightlamp-logo The Good Night Lamp is "a family of internet connected lamps." Seed $50k Blaine Cook and Usman Haque - Blog Post
9/15/2012 neul Neul "Will deliver the first global, wireless network specifically designed for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications." Equity $5M Mitsui & Co. Ltd, DFJ Esprit, Q Capital Partners, The Cambridge Angels - Press Release
9/25/2012 revolv Revolv "unifying smart home devices you love to seamlessly work together & revolve around you!' Seed $2.7M Foundry Group - Press 
10/12/2012 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "provides the first software application platform designed for today’s connected world." Series C N/A Safeguard Scientifics - Press Release
12/04/2012 smartthings-logo SmartThings "adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome." Seed $3M First Round Capital - Press Release
12/20/2012 yoics Yoics is a n"etworking solution that allows users to configure their various devices to become accessible across the interent. The solution is secure, while being easy to setup." Seed $1M CrunchFund, Core Ventures, Passport Capital, Frank Marshall, Postini - Press Release
12/20/2012 iftt-logo IFTT "IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that." Series A $7M Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, Lerer Ventures - Press Release
1/10/2013 streetline-logo Streetline, Inc. is "the leading provider of smart parking solutions to cities, garages, airports, universities and other private parking providers." Series C $25M True Ventures, Citi, Qualcomm Ventures. Sutter Hill Ventures, RockPort Capital Partners, Fontinalis Partners - Press Release
1/29/2013 nest-labs-logo Nest Labs "is the creator of the world’s first Learning Thermostat." Series B $80M Google Ventures, Venrock - Coverage
4/10/2013 zen-sensor-logo Zinc Software develops "apps and games that utilize biosensor inputs that allow daily tracking of physical and mental states."
Seed $850K Kernel Capital, AIB Seed Capital Fund, and Enterprise Ireland - Press Release
4/19/2013 zonoff-logo Zonoff, "provides a comprehensive technology and commerce platform to service providers, integrators and OEMs who deliver Connected Home products and services to consumers." Series A $3.8M Valhalla Partners, Grotech Ventures - Press
6/3/2013 node-sensor-variabletech-logo Variable, Inc. is a "leading developer of wireless sensing technology that is compatible with smartphone operating systems." Series A $1.25M Atlanta Technology Angels, Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, Pangea’s Edge, the Westcott Family - Press Release
6/5/2013 ayla-networks Ayla Networks, "a leader in technology and cloud-based services for the Internet of Things" Series A $5.4M Voyager Capital and Crosslink Capital - Press Release
6/5/2013 whistle-logo Whistle has developed a connected collar device and a large comparative database to help dog owners keep track of their pet's health. Series A $6.0M DCM Ventures - Press Release
6/6/2013 netatmo-logo Netatmo "is a Paris-based Internet of Things startup which makes personal weather station and air quality sensor devices for use with Android and iOS apps." Series A €4.5M Iris Capital, FSN PME Fund, Pascal Cagni - Press
 7/17/2013  onramp-logo On-Ramp Wireless "has developed the first wireless system purpose-built to efficiently connect billions of hard-to-reach devices in metro scale and other challenging environments."  Series C  $31M  Enbridge, Energy Technology Ventures, Third Wave Private Equity Group  - Press Release
7/17/2013 withings-logo Withings is "a Paris-based company that specializes in the development of connected objects." The company’s first product was the Withings Scale N/A $30M Bpifrance, Idinvest Partners, 360 Capital Partners, Ventech - Press Release (PDF)
7/31/2013 dropcam-logo Dropcam makes a "high-definition Wi-Fi video camera with remote viewing and two-way sound for your home or business." Series C $30M Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), Accel Partners, Menlo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - Press Release
8/13/2013 fitbit-logo Fitbit "makes it easy to achieve a healthy lifestyle by automating the collection of health data and providing a motivating and entertaining user interface." Growth $30M Qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Foundry Group and True Ventures - Press
8/20/2013 axeda-logo Axeda is "the leading cloud platform provider for connected products and M2M applications." Growth $12M JMI Equity, Wipro Ltd, Mitsui USA - Press Release
9/5/2013 tado-logo Tado "offers smart heating control for private homes and small businesses' Series A $2.6M Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures - Press
9/6/2013 neul Neul is "Will deliver the first global, wireless network specifically designed for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications." Series B $5M Not disclosed - Press Release
10/3/2013 narrative-logo Narrative "creates a wearable camera clip able to create a continuous life log for the user." Seed $3M True Ventures - Press Release
10/10/2013 greenwave-logo GreenWave Reality "empowers consumers to achieve the smart connected lifestyle by delivering personalized information and entertainment, enhanced comfort and savings." Series B $19M The Westly Group, Craton Equity Partners - Press Release
10/28/2013 berg-cloud-logo BERG Cloud is "the world’s friendliest and most complete platform for connected devices; a secure, stable and extendable operating system, developer tools and hardware for rapid prototyping" Seed $1.3M Connect Ventures, Initial Capital and Index Ventures - Blog Post
10/31/2013 econais-logo eConais is a "module manufacturer and solutions company building excellent connectivity technology for the Internet of Things known as WiSmart". Series A N/A Odyssey Venture Partners - Press Release
11/11/2013 smartthings-logo SmartThings "adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome." Series A $12.5M Greylock Partners and Highland Capital Partners - Press Coverage
11/12/2013 arrayent-logo The Arrayent Connect Platform is "a Cloud and Embedded Platform for Connected Products." Series B $11.9M DCM Ventures, Opus Capital and Intel Capital - Press Coverage
11/25/2013 revolv Revolv "unifying smart home devices you love to seamlessly work together & revolve around you!' Series A $4m Foundry Group, American Family Insurance - Press 
12/4/2012 technical-machine Technical Machine "seeks to empower software developers to make the next generation of physical, internet-enabled devices– from prototype to manufacturing." Seed $1M Rough Draft Ventures - Press
12/10/2013 estimote Estimote creates "small, wireless sensors that use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to detect the location of nearby smartphones and communicate with them using an API" Seed $3M Innovation Endeavors, Betaworks, Bessemer Venture Partners, Birchmere Ventures, Valiant Capital Partners - Press
12/12/2013 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." N/A $15M GE Ventures.  Existing investors Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Symantec and Trident Capital - Press
4/8/2014 neura-1 Neura "creates intuitive and intelligent experiences between people and their connected environments." Seed $2M Greenhouse Capital Partners, SingTel Innov8 Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, TriplePoint Ventures, Ben Narasin, Isaac Applbaum - Press Release


Date Target Description Amount Acquirer Details
10/25/2010 thingmagic-logo ThingMagic "is a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, with broad experience in applying RFID in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications." N/A trimble-logo - Press Release
6/28/2011 palantiri_logo.jpg Palantiri Systems "provides the software that enables intelligent machines to participate in a connected world. Our AlwaysOn™ Product Suite allows machines and production equipment to communicate with each other and the people responsible for their continued operation." N/A thingworx_logo.jpg - Press Release
7/19/2011 pachube-logo Pachube "Pachube is a convenient, secure & scalable platform that helps you connect to & build the ‘internet of things’' $15M logmein-logo - Press Release
12/20/2011 sensorlogic-logo SensorLogic leverages the cloud to deliver M2M as a Service. N/A gemalto-logo - Press Release
12/30/2011 dust-networks-logo.jpg Dust Networks is "a pioneer in the field of wireless sensor networking. Using standards-based network technology, Dust’s broad portfolio includes SmartMesh IP, SmartMesh Industrial/WirelessHART™ and ZigBee." N/A linear-tech-logo.jpg - Press Release (PDF)
11/1/2012 etherios-logo At Etherios, our mission is to deliver industry leading cloud-based solutions 715,571 stock shares digi-logo - Press Release
5/21/2012 ember-logo Ember "is the platform of choice for OEMs developing ZigBee networking into their products." $72M silicon-labs-logo - Press Release
12/19/2012 ozmo-devices Ozmo Devices develops Wi-Fi compatible communication technologies that deliver cost-effective wireless personal area network (WPAN) connectivity for battery-operated devices. N/A atmel-logo - Press Release
5/1/2013 bodymedia-logo BodyMedia "The leading on-body monitoring system. Accurate information about your body." $100M jawbone-logo - Press Coverage
8/27/2013 sensinode-logo Sensinode is "is a pioneer and world leader in technology and software solutions for the Internet of Things" N/A arm-holdings-logo - Press Coverage
9/4/2013 ils-tech-logo ILS Technology is a "leading provider of ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to m2m-connected devices and machines for businesses-critical use." $8.5M telit-logo - Press Release
12/30/2013 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "provides the first software application platform designed for today’s connected world." $112M ptc-logo - Press Release
1/13/2014 nest-labs-logo Nest reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat and the smoke alarm $3.2B google_logo - Press Release
1/21/2014 kovio-logo Kovio technology is the only industry-supported NFC interface in printed electronics. $2.7M Cash $1.0M Equity thinfilm-logo - Press Release
3/4/2014 basis-logo At Basis we designed our wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard to help you easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. $100-150M intel-logo - Press


springboard-logo Springboard combines investment capital with an intensive 13 week mentor-led accelerator programme. - IoT Companies Annually, Springboard invests in over 30 companies with founder friendly investment terms for between 3-6% equity stake in the business.
bolt-accelerator-logo Bolt "Helping physical product startups get to market"   - Full-time engineering & design staff
- Sufficient seed capital to last the program
- Domestic engagement with Dragon Innovation
- $100k line of credit for electronic components
haxlr8r-logo HAXLR8R is a venture fund which focuses on entrepreneurs building hardware devices. - Companies - Offers seed funding ($25,000), office space as well as mentorship along with the other opportunies for 2-4 person startups to take an idea to a product.
startup-bootcamp-logo Startup Bootcamp "Startupbootcamp is the global accelerator for startups with a mentor and alumni network from more than 30 countries across the world." - Companies - Startups receive €15,000 in pre-seed investment, free co-working space and €300,000 worth of deals from  ponsors and partners.
More IoT focused accelerators.


  tsb-iot The Technology Strategy Board and their IoT Special Interest Group

- Invested £500,000 in preparatory studies to develop strategies for moving towards a converged and open application and services marketplace in the Internet of Things. Summary can be found here (PDF)

- Launched a £4m Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator in 2012. The winners include:
  • EyeHub
  • i-MOVE (Internet of Moving Objects and Vehicles Ecosystem)
  • Open IoT Project
  • STRIDE (Smart Transport IoT Data Ecosystem)
  • Internet of Things - International airport demonstrator
  • IoT-Bay: An Interoperability Hub for IoT Services  (IBS)
  • Projects Presentation (PDF)
6/6/2013 innovation-norway-logo Innovation Norway is "the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry." $1.2M thinfilm-logo Thinfilm is "creating printed system products that will include memory, sensing, display and wireless communication-at a cost-per-functionality unmatched by any other electronic technology."


9/15/2012 lifx-bulb LIFX is a "WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android." $1.3M - Kickstarter Page
8/23/2012 smart-things YOUR WORLD, SMARTER - SmartThings "makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet." $1.2M - Kickstarter Page
1/21/2013 sticknfind StickNFind- "Bluetooth Powered ultra small Location Stickers" $931K - Indiegogo Page
  - A directory of crowdfunded Internet of Things products can be found here.

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