Internet of Things Investments


The IoT is generating significant interest from both emerging and traditional fundraising communities. Below we take a look at some of the notable investment activity in the space over the last several years.

Looking to invest your own money in the IoT? A list of publicly traded companies focused on the IoT can be found here.

 Funding Rounds

Date Company Description Type Amount Investors Details
4/27/2010 cantalope-systems-logo Cantaloupe Systems, Inc. "provides wireless machine monitoring and management solutions to the vending industry." Series C $12.4M Foundation Capital and Global Environment Fund - Press Release
5/10/2010 sifteo-logo Sifteo "Sifteo Cubes facilitate a shared play experience with face-to-face collaborative play." Series B $9M Foundry Group, True Ventures - Blog Post
5/27/2010 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." Series C N/A Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross, Symantec - Press Release
10/8/2010 alertme-logo AlertMe "is an affordable and easy to use Smart Energy and Home Monitoring system that puts you in control of your home." Series B £8M Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners - Press Release
2/7/2011 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "is the 1st Application Platform for the Connected World™ - one that combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, social media and Connected Intelligence™, and applies it to any process that involve things." Series B $5M Safeguard Scientifics Inc - Press Release
12/5/2011 gainspan-logo GainSpan brings Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi to sensors and embedded applications. Series C $18M Hatteras Funds, Mobile Internet Capital, Opus Capital, In-Q-Tel
Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Sigma Partners
- Press Release
1/31/2012 mosoro-logo Mosoro "a company that creates Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE) accessory solutions, also known as Appcessories" Series A $1.5M High Country Venture - Press Reelase
2/12/2012 tado-logo "Using the power of cloud computing, smart phones and the Web, tado° significantly improves on traditional home heating and cooling systems." Series A $2M Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures - Press Release
5/15/2012 electric-imp-logo Electric Imp is a "startup which develops the Imp, a chip intended to provide Internet connectivity to all electrical devices." Seed $7.9M Redpoint & Lowercase Capital -Techcrunch coverage
6/11/2012 alive-cor-logo AliveCor "has developed a device that will turn any smartphone into a clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder." Series B $10.5M Burrill & Company, Khosla Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures - Press Release
6/20/2012 gainspan-logo GainSpan brings Ultra-low-power Wi-Fi to sensors and embedded applications. Venture Round $6.5M Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Opus Capital, OVP Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, and Camp Ventures - Press Coverage
7/10/2012 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." Series D $25M Trident Capital, Shasta Ventures, Intel Capital, Southern Cross, Symantec - Press Release
9/4/2012 goodnightlamp-logo The Good Night Lamp is "a family of internet connected lamps." Seed $50k Blaine Cook and Usman Haque - Blog Post
9/15/2012 neul Neul "Will deliver the first global, wireless network specifically designed for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications." Equity $5M Mitsui & Co. Ltd, DFJ Esprit, Q Capital Partners, The Cambridge Angels - Press Release
9/25/2012 revolv Revolv "unifying smart home devices you love to seamlessly work together & revolve around you!' Seed $2.7M Foundry Group - Press 
10/12/2012 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "provides the first software application platform designed for today’s connected world." Series C N/A Safeguard Scientifics - Press Release
12/04/2012 smartthings-logo SmartThings "adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome." Seed $3M First Round Capital - Press Release
12/20/2012 yoics Yoics is a n"etworking solution that allows users to configure their various devices to become accessible across the interent. The solution is secure, while being easy to setup." Seed $1M CrunchFund, Core Ventures, Passport Capital, Frank Marshall, Postini - Press Release
12/20/2012 iftt-logo IFTT "IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that." Series A $7M Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, Lerer Ventures - Press Release
1/10/2013 streetline-logo Streetline, Inc. is "the leading provider of smart parking solutions to cities, garages, airports, universities and other private parking providers." Series C $25M True Ventures, Citi, Qualcomm Ventures. Sutter Hill Ventures, RockPort Capital Partners, Fontinalis Partners - Press Release
1/29/2013 nest-labs-logo Nest Labs "is the creator of the world’s first Learning Thermostat." Series B $80M Google Ventures, Venrock - Coverage
4/10/2013 zen-sensor-logo Zinc Software develops "apps and games that utilize biosensor inputs that allow daily tracking of physical and mental states."
Seed $850K Kernel Capital, AIB Seed Capital Fund, and Enterprise Ireland - Press Release
4/19/2013 zonoff-logo Zonoff, "provides a comprehensive technology and commerce platform to service providers, integrators and OEMs who deliver Connected Home products and services to consumers." Series A $3.8M Valhalla Partners, Grotech Ventures - Press
6/3/2013 node-sensor-variabletech-logo Variable, Inc. is a "leading developer of wireless sensing technology that is compatible with smartphone operating systems." Series A $1.25M Atlanta Technology Angels, Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, Pangea’s Edge, the Westcott Family - Press Release
6/5/2013 ayla-networks Ayla Networks, "a leader in technology and cloud-based services for the Internet of Things" Series A $5.4M Voyager Capital and Crosslink Capital - Press Release
6/5/2013 whistle-logo Whistle has developed a connected collar device and a large comparative database to help dog owners keep track of their pet's health. Series A $6.0M DCM Ventures - Press Release
6/6/2013 netatmo-logo Netatmo "is a Paris-based Internet of Things startup which makes personal weather station and air quality sensor devices for use with Android and iOS apps." Series A €4.5M Iris Capital, FSN PME Fund, Pascal Cagni - Press
 7/17/2013  onramp-logo On-Ramp Wireless "has developed the first wireless system purpose-built to efficiently connect billions of hard-to-reach devices in metro scale and other challenging environments."  Series C  $31M  Enbridge, Energy Technology Ventures, Third Wave Private Equity Group  - Press Release
7/17/2013 withings-logo Withings is "a Paris-based company that specializes in the development of connected objects." The company’s first product was the Withings Scale N/A $30M Bpifrance, Idinvest Partners, 360 Capital Partners, Ventech - Press Release (PDF)
7/31/2013 dropcam-logo Dropcam makes a "high-definition Wi-Fi video camera with remote viewing and two-way sound for your home or business." Series C $30M Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), Accel Partners, Menlo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - Press Release
8/13/2013 fitbit-logo Fitbit "makes it easy to achieve a healthy lifestyle by automating the collection of health data and providing a motivating and entertaining user interface." Growth $30M Qualcomm Ventures, SAP Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Foundry Group and True Ventures - Press
8/20/2013 axeda-logo Axeda is "the leading cloud platform provider for connected products and M2M applications." Growth $12M JMI Equity, Wipro Ltd, Mitsui USA - Press Release
9/5/2013 tado-logo Tado "offers smart heating control for private homes and small businesses' Series A $2.6M Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures - Press
9/6/2013 neul Neul is "Will deliver the first global, wireless network specifically designed for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications." Series B $5M Not disclosed - Press Release
10/3/2013 narrative-logo Narrative "creates a wearable camera clip able to create a continuous life log for the user." Seed $3M True Ventures - Press Release
10/10/2013 greenwave-logo GreenWave Reality "empowers consumers to achieve the smart connected lifestyle by delivering personalized information and entertainment, enhanced comfort and savings." Series B $19M The Westly Group, Craton Equity Partners - Press Release
10/28/2013 berg-cloud-logo BERG Cloud is "the world’s friendliest and most complete platform for connected devices; a secure, stable and extendable operating system, developer tools and hardware for rapid prototyping" Seed $1.3M Connect Ventures, Initial Capital and Index Ventures - Blog Post
10/31/2013 econais-logo eConais is a "module manufacturer and solutions company building excellent connectivity technology for the Internet of Things known as WiSmart". Series A N/A Odyssey Venture Partners - Press Release
11/11/2013 smartthings-logo SmartThings "adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome." Series A $12.5M Greylock Partners and Highland Capital Partners - Press Coverage
11/12/2013 arrayent-logo The Arrayent Connect Platform is "a Cloud and Embedded Platform for Connected Products." Series B $11.9M DCM Ventures, Opus Capital and Intel Capital - Press Coverage
11/25/2013 revolv Revolv "unifying smart home devices you love to seamlessly work together & revolve around you!' Series A $4m Foundry Group, American Family Insurance - Press 
12/4/2012 technical-machine Technical Machine "seeks to empower software developers to make the next generation of physical, internet-enabled devices– from prototype to manufacturing." Seed $1M Rough Draft Ventures - Press
11/18/2013 green-iq GreenIQ is an "affordable, easy to use, garden computer that controls garden's irrigation and lighting, and saves money on water and electricity bills. GreenIQ allows to control and to schedule garden's irrigation and lighting, from anywhere, at anytime.” Pre-Seed $450K Entree Capital - N/A
12/10/2013 estimote Estimote creates "small, wireless sensors that use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to detect the location of nearby smartphones and communicate with them using an API" Seed $3M Innovation Endeavors, Betaworks, Bessemer Venture Partners, Birchmere Ventures, Valiant Capital Partners - Press
12/12/2013 mocana-logo Mocana "unlocks the extended mobile enterprise and simplifies wide-scale deployments by securing apps automatically, in seconds." N/A $15M GE Ventures.  Existing investors Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Symantec and Trident Capital - Press
4/8/2014 neura-1 Neura "creates intuitive and intelligent experiences between people and their connected environments." Seed $2M Greenhouse Capital Partners, SingTel Innov8 Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, TriplePoint Ventures, Ben Narasin, Isaac Applbaum - Press Release
4/30/2014 evrythng-logo EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things software firm helping manufacturers connect with clients and partners through their own products. Series A $7M Cisco, BHLP, Dawn Capital, Atomico - Press Release
4/30/2014 ayla-networks-logo Ayla Networks empowers manufacturers, service providers, and others to deliver great products for the Internet of Things. Series B $14.5M Cisco, Linear Venture, SAIF Partners, SJF Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Voyager Capital - Press Release
6/23/2014 lifx-logo LIFX is a consumer electronics company focused on lighting and home automation and developing the world's best connected lighting system. Series A $12M Sequoia Capital - Press Release
7/08/2014 spark-labs Spark Labs offers Spark Core, a Wi-Fi development kit for engineers and designers who develop connected hardware products. Series A $4.9M Lion Wells Capital, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, SOSventures, Collaborative Fund - Press Coverage
7/17/2014 sensoria Sensoria "was founded on the vision that clothing would become the fulcrum between the Internet of Things and People (IoT and IoP) as a seamless, naturally wearable body-sensing computer." Series A $5M Reply SpA - Press Release
8/13/2014 electric-imp-logo Electric Imp: Our mission at Electric Imp is to do 'the hard stuff' of connecting devices to the Internet. Series B $15M Foxconn Technology Group, PTI Ventures, Rampart Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Hugo Fiennes - Press Release
8/27/2014 zuli Zuli helps "you create a smarter home that adjusts to where you are and what you like using Bluetooth Low Energy." Seed $1.65 Menlo Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Logitech, DeNA, XG Ventures, Stephen Stokols and Hossein Eslambolchi - Press
8/27/2014 glassbeam Glassbeam provides "Machine data analytics for the IoT market" N/A $2M VKRM Group - Press Release
8/28/2014 flybitslogo Flybits develops tools that allow users to create predictive and context-aware computing environments for mobile, wearable and connected devices. Series A $3.75M Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, Trellis Capital Corporation, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund and Ryerson Futures, Inc. - Press Release
8/29/2014 iftt-logo IFTT "IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that." Series B $30M Norwest Venture Partners, A16Z - Press
9/24/2014 relayr Relayr enables device manufacturers, app developers, and software companies to leverage the power of the internet of things. Seed $2.3M N/A - Press Release
10/29/2014 keen Keen Home, the connected home startup that helps your home take care of you, creates proactive devices that enhance the core functions of the home. Seed $1.52 RMR Capital, R/GA Ventures, Bullet Time Ventures, NYU Innovation Venture Fund, Rugged Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, Brand Foundry Ventures, American Family Ventures and Comporium, Inc - Press Release
12/02/2014 misift Misfit invents and manufactures wearable and ambient computing products. Series C $40M Xiaomi,, GGV Capital, Shunwei - Press
12/10/2014 helium Helium is a complete Internet of Things platform for smart machines Series A $15.9M Khosla Ventures FirstMark Capital, Digital Garage, Marc Benioff, SV Angel - Press Release


Date Target Description Amount Acquirer Details
10/25/2010 thingmagic-logo ThingMagic "is a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, with broad experience in applying RFID in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications." N/A trimble-logo - Press Release
6/28/2011 palantiri_logo.jpg Palantiri Systems "provides the software that enables intelligent machines to participate in a connected world. Our AlwaysOn™ Product Suite allows machines and production equipment to communicate with each other and the people responsible for their continued operation." N/A thingworx_logo.jpg - Press Release
7/19/2011 pachube-logo Pachube "Pachube is a convenient, secure & scalable platform that helps you connect to & build the ‘internet of things’' $15M logmein-logo - Press Release
12/20/2011 sensorlogic-logo SensorLogic leverages the cloud to deliver M2M as a Service. N/A gemalto-logo - Press Release
12/30/2011 dust-networks-logo.jpg Dust Networks is "a pioneer in the field of wireless sensor networking. Using standards-based network technology, Dust’s broad portfolio includes SmartMesh IP, SmartMesh Industrial/WirelessHART™ and ZigBee." N/A linear-tech-logo.jpg - Press Release (PDF)
11/1/2012 etherios-logo At Etherios, our mission is to deliver industry leading cloud-based solutions 715,571 stock shares digi-logo - Press Release
5/21/2012 ember-logo Ember "is the platform of choice for OEMs developing ZigBee networking into their products." $72M silicon-labs-logo - Press Release
12/19/2012 ozmo-devices Ozmo Devices develops Wi-Fi compatible communication technologies that deliver cost-effective wireless personal area network (WPAN) connectivity for battery-operated devices. N/A atmel-logo - Press Release
5/1/2013 bodymedia-logo BodyMedia "The leading on-body monitoring system. Accurate information about your body." $100M jawbone-logo - Press Coverage
8/27/2013 sensinode-logo Sensinode is "is a pioneer and world leader in technology and software solutions for the Internet of Things" N/A arm-holdings-logo - Press Coverage
9/4/2013 ils-tech-logo ILS Technology is a "leading provider of ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to m2m-connected devices and machines for businesses-critical use." $8.5M telit-logo - Press Release
12/30/2013 thingworx_logo.jpg ThingWorx "provides the first software application platform designed for today’s connected world." $112M ptc-logo - Press Release
1/13/2014 nest-labs-logo Nest reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat and the smoke alarm $3.2B google_logo - Press Release
1/21/2014 kovio-logo Kovio technology is the only industry-supported NFC interface in printed electronics. $2.7M Cash $1.0M Equity thinfilm-logo - Press Release
3/4/2014 basis-logo At Basis we designed our wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard to help you easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. $100-150M intel-logo - Press
6/20/2014 dropcam At Dropcam, we believe you should be able to drop in on anything, be it your child, your pet or your house, from anywhere. . $555M nest-logo - Press Release
7/8/2014 nmi-logo NMI is a leading supplier of RF system-on-a-chip solutions for wireless connectivity and broadcast communications markets. $140M atmel-logo - Press Release
7/8/2014 rivieria RivieraWaves offers a unique wireless Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio in the Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™ areas for integration into ASIC and FPGA. $19M ceva - Press Release
7/23/2014 axeda-logo Axeda provides "the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications." $170M ptc1 - Press Release
8/14/2014 smartthings-logo SmartThings "adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome." $200M samsung-logo - Press Release
10/15/2014 csr CSR is a Wireless technology solutions provider for audio, visual, connectivity and location products. $2.5B qualcomm - Press
10/24 revolv Revolv unifies your smart home on your smartphone and tablet. N/A nest-labs-logo - Press Release


springboard-logo Springboard combines investment capital with an intensive 13 week mentor-led accelerator programme. - IoT Companies Annually, Springboard invests in over 30 companies with founder friendly investment terms for between 3-6% equity stake in the business.
bolt-accelerator-logo Bolt "Helping physical product startups get to market"   - Full-time engineering & design staff
- Sufficient seed capital to last the program
- Domestic engagement with Dragon Innovation
- $100k line of credit for electronic components
haxlr8r-logo HAXLR8R is a venture fund which focuses on entrepreneurs building hardware devices. - Companies - Offers seed funding ($25,000), office space as well as mentorship along with the other opportunies for 2-4 person startups to take an idea to a product.
startup-bootcamp-logo Startup Bootcamp "Startupbootcamp is the global accelerator for startups with a mentor and alumni network from more than 30 countries across the world." - Companies - Startups receive €15,000 in pre-seed investment, free co-working space and €300,000 worth of deals from  ponsors and partners.
More IoT focused accelerators.


  tsb-iot The Technology Strategy Board and their IoT Special Interest Group

- Invested £500,000 in preparatory studies to develop strategies for moving towards a converged and open application and services marketplace in the Internet of Things. Summary can be found here (PDF)

- Launched a £4m Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator in 2012. The winners include:
  • EyeHub
  • i-MOVE (Internet of Moving Objects and Vehicles Ecosystem)
  • Open IoT Project
  • STRIDE (Smart Transport IoT Data Ecosystem)
  • Internet of Things - International airport demonstrator
  • IoT-Bay: An Interoperability Hub for IoT Services  (IBS)
  • Projects Presentation (PDF)
6/6/2013 innovation-norway-logo Innovation Norway is "the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry." $1.2M thinfilm-logo Thinfilm is "creating printed system products that will include memory, sensing, display and wireless communication-at a cost-per-functionality unmatched by any other electronic technology."

  Corporate Investment Funds

 cisco-investments-small Cisco Investments
IoT Portfolio Companies:  EVRYTHNG, iControl, Control 4, Ayla Networks
Complete List
ge-ventures GE Ventures
IoT Portfolio Companies: OnRamp Wireless, Tendril, Quirky (Wink Platform), Mocana
Complete List
google-ventures Google Ventures
IoT Portfolio Companies: Nest Labs, Duo Security, Silver Spring Networks, Wearable Intelligence
Complete List 
5 Heavy-hitting corporate venture funds honing in on the Internet of Things


9/15/2012 lifx-bulb LIFX is a "WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android." $1.3M - Kickstarter Page
8/23/2012 smart-things YOUR WORLD, SMARTER - SmartThings "makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet." $1.2M - Kickstarter Page
1/21/2013 sticknfind StickNFind- "Bluetooth Powered ultra small Location Stickers" $931K - Indiegogo Page
  - A directory of crowdfunded Internet of Things products can be found here.

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