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The Business of Things

Designing business models to win in the cognitive IoT

Jan 01 2010
Lemonbeat smart Device Language

Backed by RWE the publicly traded German electric utilities company, Lemonbeat Protocol is...

Jul 22 2016
AGILE - Open source modular IoT Gateway

AGILE builds "a modular and adaptive gateway for IoT devices. Modularity at the hardware level...

Jul 22 2016
RFID provider Impinj IPOs

"We deliver Item Intelligence, information about physical items, to the digital world." The...

Jul 22 2016
New IoT Accelerator from H-FARM & Deutsche Bank

4-month Program H-FARM Campus in Venice, Italy (over 30 digital companies and 500 people on...

Jul 21 2016
AC Controller: Melissa Climate

With its WiFi connectivity, automatic geo-location function and infrared sensor, Melissa will...

Jul 20 2016
Wio Node: ESP8266 based Wi-Fi development board

New low cost Seeed Studio development board with OTA updates

Jul 19 2016
Arable Pulsepod: Connected Crop MGMT

Crop Management Device that measures rainfall, crop water demand, water stress, microclimate,...

Jul 19 2016
Japanese telecom SoftBank to buy ARM Holdings in $32B bid

Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO of SBG, said: “We have long admired ARM as a world renowned and...

Jul 18 2016
DGlogik Acquired by Acuity Brands

With fiscal year 2015 net sales of $2.7 billion Acuity is one of the world's leading providers...

Jul 08 2016
Kickstater: Puck.js

With the latest Nordic chip, Bluetooth Smart, Infra-red and pre-installed with JavaScript...

Jul 06 2016
DevOps IoT Provider Resin raises $9m Seed Round was founded in 2013 with a mission to use Linux containers and other open technologies...

Jun 27 2016
Ayla Networks raises $39m Series C

Led by Ants Capital and 3NOD while joined by new investors Mitsui and Acorn Pacific. Existing...

Jun 27 2016
RuuviTag - Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon

The device can act as a standard Eddystone / iBeacon proximity beacon, but it has potential to...

Jun 22 2016
Bluetooth 5 Release Announcement

New version of Bluetooth technology delivers “connectionless” IoT, advancing beacon and...

Jun 17 2016
Anyware: Smart Home Made Easy

Home Security - Climate Monitoring - Advanced Lighting Control => One Smart Device

Jun 15 2016
Nokia IoT IMPACT Platform

Joining the IoT Platform market. Nokia announced today there horizontal platform play called...

Jun 14 2016
Building Blocks Meet Electricity and IoT
May 05 2016
Microsoft acquires Solair
Microsoft acquires Italian IoT Platform provider "The integration of Solair’s technology into the...
May 04 2016
Samsung ARTIK Cloud
Samsung ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform designed to bring order to the chaos, break...
May 04 2016
PillDrill helps medication get taken on time, tracks what you’re taking and how you’re feeling, and...
Apr 28 2016
Connected time tracking device
Apr 27 2016
KONUX raises $7.5m Series A
We have designed solutions that allow for complete digitalization of manual measurements and...
Apr 16 2016
Brinc is the world’s first end-to-end integrated platform designed to support global IoT...
Apr 15 2016
The world’s first digitally-transformable sofa
Apr 15 2016
LoRa IoT development board by SODAQ
Apr 14 2016
Arduino IoT Cloud
A New Tool To Connect Your Things To The Internet And To Each Other
Apr 03 2016
HERO | The Smart Pill Manager
Say goodbye to child-proof caps and chunky pill planners. HERO knows your schedule so you can...
Mar 19 2016
LoRa®, the disruptive long range wireless technology, offers unique network scalability and a 10x...
Mar 16 2016
Hail Monitoring Networks
"At Understory we’re building, installing, and harvesting data on hail, wind, rain, temperature,...
Mar 14 2016
Simple home monitoring using spare Android devices
Mar 14 2016
Apache Mynewt
Open-source embedded software
Mar 12 2016
Freevolt - Low Energy IoT
Freevolt is a brand new innovative technology that provides power for Low Energy Internet of Things...
Mar 12 2016
Initial State
Initial State is an Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics and visualization company. We turn...
Mar 12 2016
Open Standard for IoT Applications
Feb 29 2016
Kickstarter: Sense - Connected Home and Security Hub
"Today, a company called Silk Labs, co-founded by former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal, is launching a...
Feb 29 2016
Brita - Amazon Connected Smart Pitcher
"The Wi-Fi enabled Brita Infinity Water Filter Pitcher with Amazon Dash Replenishment tracks usage...
Feb 29 2016
Raspberry Pi 3 - Now on sale with built in Wifi and Bluetooth

What has changed:

  • Wifi Built-in - IEEE 802.11b/g/n...
Feb 29 2016
Smart Garden Sensor Edyn announces $2M Seed Round

Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions.The company's...

Feb 10 2016
Neura raises $11 million Series A
"Let your users take ownership of their personal data, earning their trust while reducing your...
Jan 18 2016
Beacon provider Estimote raises $10.7M Series A

Estimote is engaged in building "a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform."

Jan 15 2016
Your rapid development tools for mobile Internet of Things apps.
Jan 01 2016
Hook is a new device that makes inexpensive remote-controlled outlet adapters and bulb sockets...
Dec 29 2015
DIY: Blup: The Bubble Notifier

"I've been looking for a softer, less abrupt notification system than a vibration, sound, or...

Dec 13 2015
DIY: Solar Power your ESP8266
Dec 13 2015
Product: MOTI
An ambient data smart object device that helps you form better habits.
Dec 13 2015
Symbisa IoT Toolkit
No technical skills are required, our vision is that you are good to go within minutes. From...
Dec 12 2015
Company: Ingenu
Long-range Connectivity For The Internet Of Things
Dec 11 2015
Infographic: Machine Intelligence Landscape
Dec 11 2015
Software: Homebridge
Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS...
Dec 10 2015
Infographic: Most Active IoT Investors
CB Insights produced a graphic overview of VCs and their activity within the IoT sector
Dec 10 2015
The Smart Rock Bolt
A standard rock bolt with embedded electronics capable of a multi-year battery lifetime. Hazardous...
Dec 09 2015
Grasp - Bicycle Lock with Fingerprint Recognition
Sharing your bike has never been easier. Give access to family and friends using the Grasp App.
Dec 09 2015
Lola Home Automation
Lola is the most intuitive home automation solution allowing you to control your connected objects...
Dec 09 2015
DIY: Build a Realtime Bicycle Location Tracking Map App -
Track bicycle location and stream coordinates it to a live-updating map using MediaTek, PubNub, and...
Dec 05 2015
DIY: Ambient Web Connected Color Orb

"I wanted to experiment with NeoPixels from Adafruit and the Particle Core so I built a color...

Dec 05 2015
Athos - Fitness Wearable
The world’s first smart fitness apparel that measures muscle activity and heart rate all in real...
Dec 04 2015

"The Scripting Engine For Your IoT Projects"

Dec 03 2015
Wio Link
ESP8266 based open-source, Wi-Fi solution to simplify IoT development by virtualizing plug-n-play...
Dec 02 2015
Autodesk - Forge Platform
Forge is a set of Autodesk Cloud Services, APIs and SDKs for developers to create the...
Dec 02 2015
Lecture: On A.I. and Cities
Our cities are not our own. We are building the habitats for life forms other than our own. We are...
Dec 02 2015
Video: Benjamin Bratton - On the Earth Layer
On the Earth Layer: Governance of/with Computational Models of/for Comparative...
Dec 02 2015
IRTF Thing-to-Thing Research Group (T2TRG)
The focus of the T2TRG are on issues that touch opportunities for standardization in the IETF,...
Dec 02 2015
Augury. Machines talk, we listen.
We are bringing Predictive Maintenance to new markets. By “listening” to a machine we...
Dec 01 2015
Pillow Talk: Feel the presence of your loved one
Pillow Talk is a wristband that picks up and sends your heartbeat, in real time, to your loved one,...
Nov 30 2015
LittleD – SQL database for IoT

LittleD provides a SQL frontend to manage data under the relational model. This project targets...

Nov 29 2015
Videos from the IOT 2011 Budapest Conference Feb 01 2011
The Business of Things

Designing business models to win in the cognitive IoT

Jan 01 2010