Navigating the intersection
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A new wave of computing has arrived

Sensors and networking technology are quickly being infused into our surroundings. Postscapes is focused on tracking how this convergence will shape the ways we engage with each other and our built environment.

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" means of electric media, we set up a dynamic by which all previous technologies -- including cities -- will be translated into information systems"

- Marshall McLuhan - 1964

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We built a platform for IoT voices

Postscapes publishes a catalog of projects, events, interviews and company/job listings within the industry.

 IoT Trackers
 Interview Series

Along with the IoT Council we launched the Worldwide Internet of Things Day and associated website

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Internet of Things Awards

We host the annual IoT awards recognizing the year's best products/projects from across the industry.

 2013 Awards  2012 2011

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Insights and Publications

Our handbook series and industry reports are developed to help your company get up to speed on fast moving techology and product trends.

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    Trevor Harwood - Founder
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    Ted Burnham
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    Nihal Kashinath
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    Charalampos Doukas
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    Andrew Back
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