One of the pioneers in the early consumer Internet of Things devices, Nabaztag (Armenian for "rabbit") is a Wi-Fi enabled ambient electronic device in the shape of a rabbit, originally manufactured by the company Violet.  A few of Nabaztag features include:

* Blinks, moves his ears, talks, plays music
* Reads out loud written texts in 32 languages
* Obeys spoken commands (voice recognition)
* Detects and reacts to the presence of a Nano:ztag or any other object featuring a RFID Ztamp
* Feeds off the Internet. Transmits, reacts, obeys what's on the Web
* Gives short news with speech & colour-coded lights (Weather, Markets…)
* Reads out loud real time news from any Website (RSS)
* Reads, sings and dances messages and songs sent by your friends over the Net
* Sings and dances MP3 tunes sent by your friends over the Net
* Chat with other Rabbit owners through voice, music and ear movements
* Ability to create your own content channels and applications (API)
* Ever-expanding set of free services and content
* Easy to program through a Web interface
* Connects to your Wi-Fi network and works even when your computer is powered off