NASA's sensor driven 'Sustainability Base'

NASA's sensor driven 'Sustainability Base'


Forbes recently featured an article highlighting the construction of NASA's new 'Sustainability Base' a new facility at the Ames Research Center that will feature over 5,000 sensors in the new 2-story building expected to be completed the first quarter of this year.


"The wireless sensors, which measure carbon dioxide levels, temperature, lighting and air flow, will also indicate when to pump cool air into the copper pipes in the ceiling from 106 geothermal wells dug deep below a lawn nearby  (there is no traditional air conditioning) –as well as when to turn the heat on if it gets cold. In addition, the building’s energy systems–which include solar panels and a solid oxide fuel cell made by Bloom Energy in additional to the geothermal wells—will produce more electricity than the structure needs, making it a net positive energy building. The building also uses 90% less potable water than a traditional building would."


"In addition to the renewable energy sources, Zornetzer says the building will test out new technologies and measure the energy performance in real time. An LCD display will show how much energy the building is using and where it’s coming from. Each employee will have a personal energy dashboard, showing how much energy he or she is using. Each work station has its own vent so the temperature/energy use can be adjusted."


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