One tap pizza

One tap pizza

red-tomato-pizza-logoRed Tomato Pizza in Dubai has sent out a new fridge magnet to their loyal long term customers that gives them the ability to order their favorite pie by simply tapping once on the "push for hunger" button.

Once the magnet is pressed customers receive a confirmation SMS and a few minutes later a fresh pizza on their doorstep. The device is initially setup via your phone's bluetooth settings and default ordering options are managed through their website backend so you don't accidentally receive the chefs special.

The device concept speaks to Mike Kuniavsky's "Service Avatar" term where connected devices are just one manifestation of a larger service. The VIP fridge magnet itself might at first seem trivial but is just a small example of a new breed of integrated devices and experiences coming our way. 


Catch the promo video below or a shorter video breaking down how the device works here.


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