Posture Sensing with LUMO
Posture Sensing with LUMO
Posture Sensing with LUMO

Posture Sensing with LUMO

lumo-back-logo1Having trouble sitting up straight during the long hours at the computer, or dealing with general back aches and pains? LUMOback wants to help you improve your posture via the combination of a thin wearable sensor that monitors posture and sends vibrations to your lower back if you slouch, and an app on your phone that tracks your progress via Bluetooth in real-time using an avatar named LUMO.

Feedback from the system is improved and personalized as you wear the system over time, and a data layer with gamification and progress tracking is integrated into the application. According to LUMOback's CEO Monisha Perkash over 80% of Americans experience back issues during their lifetime and back-related injuries cost up to $50 billion annually in medical care expenses in the US so this should be a product that could lead to real changes in people's lives over time if people can commit to little LUMO telling you to "sit up straight" all day long. 


Learn more about the product and upcoming launch dates at: (@lumoback).

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