Smart Beacon tōd
Smart Beacon tōd
Smart Beacon tōd

Smart Beacon tōd

tōd (pronounced “toad”) is a new Bluetooth 4.0 smart beacon currently seeking manufacturing funding on Kickstarter (2/3 of the way there with 20 days to go as 5/13/2012) from the folks at RowdyRobot. The device is driven by a single coin battery, has an adjustable transmission range of between 3 and 500 feet and enables you to trigger actions and connect real world events via your smartphone, the beacon itself and the tōd Cloud service.

Using three core events of ‘in range, ‘out of range’ and ‘scheduled’ users can create tōd interactions around everyday actions, things, people, and places. Access rights can be customized from public, private or into specific groupings and the app will come loaded with 10 default app setting including Proximity, Location, and social networking. 

Example applications include receiving an SMS when your pet has left a certain range of your backyard, locating your car in a busy parking lot, or setting up an email notification alert in case your child doesn't get home from school at a certain time.


There are many apps that do similar, pseudo proximity functions but don't allow for 'set and forget' applications. With the tōd Smart Beacon, you can place it anywhere, set the interactions and permissions you want, leave it be and let it do all the work for you.

Additional Notes:

  • Developers will be able to create add-on modules like motion detection and temperature sensors for the device
  • Features a water resistant case and has a battery life expectancy of up to several years
  • Currently compatible with iPhone 4S, the new iPad, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and the Droid RAZR
Follow the latest news on tōd's development by visiting the team's Facebook page, their Lead Engineer's blog, or help bring tōd to life by supporting it on Kickstarter here.

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