Tales of Things

Tales of Things using QR codes allows users to create an entry on the site for any object they like. A basic entry features an image, text, audio, video and other content can also be added. The site then generates a unique two-dimensional barcode, known as a QR code, for the user to print off and attach to the object and the unique object and attached media can then be tracked on their site over time.


From their site:


Tales of Things is platform for users to add stories to their own treasured objects and to connect to other people who share similar experiences. This will enable future generations to have a greater understanding of the object’s past and offers a new way of preserving social history. Content will depend on real people’s stories which can be geo-located through an on-line map of the world where participants can track their object even if they have passed it on. The object will also be able to update previous owners on its progress through a live Twitter feed which will be unique to each object entered into the system.

The project will offer a new way for people to place more value on their own objects in an increasingly disposable economy. As more importance is placed on the objects that are already parts of people’s lives it is hoped that family or friends may find new uses for old objects and encourage people to think twice before throwing something away."


The creators of the Tales of Things application are part of the TOTeM – a research collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art, Brunel University, University College London, University Of Dundee and University of Salford


Via: The Guardian


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