What can you do with touchatag? What can touchatag do for you?

  • Touchatag enables you to link real world objects to the online world, making various web, PC or telecom applications easily accessible
  • You apply intelligent, adhesive “tags” to any object, then use a close-range reader to sense the tags and launch an associated application
  • You associate a tag to an application using touchatag's website

Make controlling a computer easier for children, the elderly, and the disabled...

  • A tagged DVD case launches the movie website or online media
  • Your coffee mug starts your e-mail application
  • Touching a tagged photo initiates a call to that person

Enrich your life experiences through creative use of physical objects...

  • At a party, use a cube to switch between music genres on iTunes or
  • Link souvenirs to the online photo albums
  • Send twitter update messages with a touch of your keychain

Show off yourself or your business...

  • Link your collectables directly to online information
  • Put a 2D barcode on your business card so mobile phone users can access your vCard or social identities
  • Link products or places to online users manuals, Wikipedia pages, or personalized advertising

Launching an application with an RFID tag

  • Take a coffee mug that is tagged (at the bottom) with an RFID tag
  • Place the mug on the reader.
  • The reader will trigger your internet browser to open up the news site.

There are 2 kinds of tags that work with the touchatag service:

RFID tags and 2D barcode tags

RFID tags can be read by a touchatag USB RFID reader and by certain models of mobile phones.
2D barcodes can be read by any mobile phone with a camera - as long as you have reader software installed

In case you don't have either of these, you can still resort to our UID input box that will let you manually insert a Unique IDentifier (UID)