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Thanks João, and sorry Paul for the troubles hunting that page down.   The number of IoT Platforms has just exploded in the last year and we want to return to covering them more comprehensively
Hi Rick,   We can see now that NFC technology goes vertical. NFC Forum identifies five major special interest groups: Transport, Retail, Payment, Consumer Electronics, Health: http://www.nfc-

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The OmniDAC500 supports up to 8 digital inputs. It communicates through WiFi to a smart phone (iOS f
The Social Cities of Tomorrow conference was held on the 17th of February 2012 in Amsterdam. Organis
09.12.11 Larry Smarr's talk on sensornets from the December 2009 Greenovation Forum on Sensing and
Nicolas Frespech is a French artist born in 1971. He has been working with the Web since 1996, and t
Product / Interaction Design
  • postscapes NoUI, informed consent and the internet of things: "In more youthful days I spent a year studying H...
Chips and Modules
Interoperability & Standards
  • Sam Morse Has anyone come up with a list of public (and maybe even proprietary) globally accessible networks t...
  • Sam Morse Are there any attempts at coming up with a standard host/device command/response protocol? We came...
Privacy and Security
  • Sam Morse A common model is to connect a device to a cloud service and look at the data by going to a Web page...
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