CloudShield by Supermechancial

The folks behind Twine SuperMechanical have just released a new product called CloudShield ($35)

Description: "Cloud Shield provides an interface for Arduino projects to talk to the Internet via Twine. Email, tweet, text message, text-to-speech phone call,* and send HTTP notifications that web applications can receive for all sorts of physical-web magic. It comes with an Arduino library and capacitive pads to trigger Twine actions with a line of code, your fingers or anything conductive.

Cloud Shield stacks on top of any Arduino board and includes a 3' cable to connect to your Twine. With the Twine library for Arduino, it then takes three lines of code to trigger any of the Internet actions that Twine supports. In addition, the Cloud Shield has two capacitive touchpads that let you trigger behavior using your fingers or anything conductive." 

Twine ClousShield

More details can be found here.

It seems like more of a play to amp up their cloud service visibility and provide their existing customers a route for expanding their projects without directly supporting every combination under the sun.


Discussion started by Trevor Harwood , on Thursday, 07 March 2013 19:11
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Trevor Harwood
Thursday, 07 March 2013 19:14
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