Legal Snapshots From the Internet of Things

A post from John Gregory on Canadian legal magazine Slaw:

"One hears a lot of talk about the Internet of Thing, where billions of objects will be connected to each other, each with its own IP address. We seem to be making uneven progress to that destination, but the pioneers are encountering some uncomfortable challenges. Some of them are elaborations of familiar assaults on privacy, though there is some novelty in the ability of data miners and aggregators to formulate meaningful profiles of us based on apparently fragmentary and insignificant information. Privacy statutes that focus on particularly sensitive bits of data, like credit card or social insurance numbers, are too limited on that Net. Such statutes will never mention the expiry date on your Brie. Fortunately Canadian statutes tend to define personal information more generally.

.......Is there work for law reformers in the Internet of Things, and if so, where should they start?"

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Discussion started by Trevor Harwood , on Friday, 08 March 2013 18:07
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