Vint Cerf's Homework Assignment to the Infosec Community

Eric Chabrow from Bank Info Security on Authenticating the Internet of Things:

"All that kind of advice has to be authenticated because otherwise somebody can get in and turn all the air conditioners off in the United States and then turn them all back on again and then turn them all off then turn them back on," says Cerf, vice president and chief evangelist at Google. "And that will probably whiplash the power generation system. So, we want strong authentication to be our friend here."

Cerf says he has a fanciful notion that every device connected to the Internet will register its public key or can respond, when asked, for the public key in order to provide secure communications with the device. He says he just hasn't figured out yet how to make that notion a reality"

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Discussion started by Trevor Harwood , on Monday, 11 March 2013 19:38
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