Videos from the IOT 2011 Budapest Conference

Videos from the IOT 2011 Budapest Conference

In case you missed out in going to the conference this year.  The videos from the IOT 2011 Budapest Conference are now online and can be

streamed at your lesisure.


They can be found online here.


Here are a few additional direct links to some of the other highlights from this years conference:


Keynote: Heikki Ailisto a professor at VTT Technical Research Centre and the manager of Open Smart Spaces Programme, entitled How will IoT change the future society?


KeynoteLara Srivastava (media and communications professor - Webster University, policy consultant - World Bank)



KeynoteOvidiu Vermesan (head - IoT European Research Cluster)
How to love people and use things creating by Smart Environments and Spaces



Governance and the IOT |   M2M |   Smart Cities |   Complete Category List


Enjoy!, and if you are looking for more IOT related videos we have a entire area of the site dedicated just for that: Video Page