Noise detections in realtime from all the world

WideNoise is the iPhone and iPod Touch application that samples decibel noise levels, and displays them on a worldwide interactive map


Check noise levels

With WideNoise you can monitor the noise levels around you, everywhere you go.
You can also check the online map to see the average sound level of the area around you. Do you live in a "sleeping cat area" or in a more noisy "rock concert area"?


Noise detection in depth

We've used a sound meter ([email protected]) to calibrate the microphone against pink noise, that is a form of noise similar to the sounds that our ears perceive the best.
After that, we had to compensate for the limits of the physical mic, which is calibrated to filter the human voice against the ambient sound. The result is accurate within the device's hardware limits, but it shouldn't be used for dB readings that require high accuracy.

Noise is pollution as well

We live every day surrounded by all kinds of sound around us. We are accustomed to this background noise, but in the end we feel relieved when, maybe in a park, that stressful noise disappears. WideNoise helps you better understand the soundscape around you.

OpenSpime powered

WideNoise connects to the OpenSpime infrastructure to provide highly scalable reading and writing of data.